How to Spice up Your Sexting Life?

Are you looking to make your sexting experience better but facing tons of difficulties finding the right path? It is pretty obvious to think about what should be the subsequent text to send your partner. There are many instances where doing the same kind of things multiple times can make things boring. No matter

 However, we have few tricks that will boost up your experience and make both of you interesting in sexting for sure. It can be having erotic Snapchat usernames or going beyond the table to let your partner feel amazing. Let’s go through all of them and choose the one you like the most.

  1. Exchanging Selfies

Although it is quite common to do, most couples still forget about it most of the time. Do you know sending just a quick selfie during the lunch break or even in the morning after make-up can cheer up your partner’s mind. The thing we want to say is you should never feel shy to send selfies anytime you like.

  • Make your own secret erotic emoji

You can’t use the sex memes all the time as there is a need to do something different a few times. A pretty pleasant thing to do is creating an emoji that should be full of erotic meanings. If your partner is romantic, there is no way she won’t be able to crack the answer.

  • Send seducing texts

We aren’t talking about the boring sex texts here as it is suggested to develop your seducing messages. You can find profiles with many naughty Snapchat usernames who post such erotic messages if someone is out of ideas. Sending such kinds of texts can be quite extraordinary to experience for sure.

  • Sexting Foreplay

Foreplay in sexting is a completely unique method to increase the interest and sensuality of your partner. Choose a role that amazes you the most, and it is pretty guaranteed you will enjoy every part of it.  Having a playful partner during such kind of act can give you something that won’t be easier to forget.


Sexting is an extraordinary technique that most people love to use these days. It doesn’t you have naughty Snapchat usernames or not; the fun is guaranteed to have by using techniques we have mentioned in this post. Don’t forget to share your experiences with these tricks in the comment section!