Importance Of Fiction In Real Life With Walter Babst

Reading is a great exercise fir the mind. It helps you to think broadly and lead a successful life. Reading sharpens your intellect and deepens your thoughts. It’s always a good cause to read as much as possible.

Now, the habit of reading or the type of reading is very one dimensional. Everybody’s choice is different and according to that they choose romantic, adventurous, comic, drama, books about business, non fictional etc. All of these are going to help you either way in your future life. But we should not forget the value of fiction. Fiction is forgotten and neglected by many but one should not deny the importance of fiction in a person’s life. Especially a person who is developing to be a successful man, should always read fiction.

Helping you to understand other’s point of view:

In a fiction you are reading different characters and all of them have different points of view. Some pf that you might would not even consider. But when you are reading a fiction, you are also reading the argument against the view point which is making you see the argument in a different light. So it is really interesting when you get to enjoy being someone else and thinking like someone else.

Seeing the bigger picture:

While reading a fiction as you are not into the fictional world, you can see the bigger picture. Generally it is impossible when you are not involved in some fiction. You cannot see the perspectives. But while reading a fiction you can judge things differently as while going through the novel you’re getting to know about both the perspective of a single argument.

Helps to understand evolution:

Every human being is evolving. Similarly, culture, paradigm, technology are also evolving. Studying history is a part of evolving. Each and every story has a starting, a middle and an end. Every part of it is very eventful and knowledgeable. So even you are passing through these stages, you are evolving with the characters.

Understanding others better:

While reading different characters in various situations, you can actually step into their shoes and realise what they’re going through. A fiction has all the details description mentioned above what a character is going through. So when you’re reading it, you get to see the narrator’s point of view and this may change your opinion. Walter Babst has also had some changed opinions about things while reading it in a fiction.

Helps to see the world differently:

Fiction helps to see the world in a different manner. In a fiction you’re seeing things differently because it’s someone else’s eyes. You start to believe things that are good for the character’s perception. You’re stepping into other’s shoe and you get to start viewing things differently. The world of Fiction provides one the necessary ideologies to implement and continue in real life. We may or may not always point out the subtle fragments that design our psyches of the impending adventures but they dresses themselves subconsciously anyway.