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There are many homeowners who like to handle all their house chores themselves, even when it includes harder tasks such as paving the driveway or fencing the garden. Taking on the right and doable jobs can easily save owners a lot of money and end up as a source of entertainment for families who like to work together. However, not all household chores can be handled by people all by themselves, and more than often, it is safer to consult a professional to handle the job. Here in Santa Rosa garage door repairing is one of those chores.

When your garage door gives up on you, it is an instinct to fix it yourself. However, it is our sincere advice that you do not implement any DIY trick on repairing your garage door yourself. Here are some of the main reasons why:


The idea on which a typical garage door working is based comprises complex mechanical physics. Any individual who is not an expert in the field can easily mess up the door and make the issue an even bigger one. It is safe to say that a vast majority of homeowners do not know how to deal with this problem and end up making the problem much worse. Some mistakes in a DIY can even cause you to permanently ruin your garage door, causing you to replace it with a newer one which will cost you much more than the repair. It is best to hire an expert to get the job done.


Repairing a garage door all by yourself requires specialized tools and various components. If any homeowner tries to fix the door with whatever tools they have available at hand can risk damaging the door as well as the tools being used.

Without having all the proper tools, repairing your garage door all by yourself will be difficult, if not impossible. Garage door repairing should be left to a good technician who can make the job ten times easier for you. RW Garage door is one of the best services for Santa Rosa Garage door repair, if you live nearby. It also deals in new and custom garage door making.


Normally, whenever a homeowner purchases a garage door, they are given a warranty for a specific amount of time. That store warranty can be very helpful to you so that you can pay for repairing the door or even replace it in case if something is wrong with your door before the specified warranty period has passed.

When an owner attempts to fix the garage door themselves by following a DIY tutorial, they are giving up on any warranty they might have had on their door. The reason for them to lose their warranty is because warranties given by companies do not allow them to work on products with any modifications that their consumers make to the product after it has been installed. In order to keep your garage door’s warranty, we advise that you should only allow a professional repair company to work on your garage door.


One of the biggest reasons why any person should not try repairing their garage door by themselves is the safety hazards involved in the dangerous task.

Any normal garage door weighs around several hundred pounds, and if it comes down, it can cause serious injuries to anyone who is handling it. Experienced technicians know how to work with such extremely heavy doors carefully. On the other hand, most homeowners don’t know how to handle these and end up hurting themselves. The springs that are used in garage door systems are also significantly dangerous.


The above-mentioned reasons are why every homeowner should refrain from working on their garage doors themselves. Getting professional help specially in Santa Rosa for the garage door repair is very easy. The job does not cost as much as a lot of customers would think and at the end of the day, it is always better to seek help rather than messing up the door by implementing DUY ideas on them.