Major benefits of SalesForce

Today’s digital economy demands that you optimize key business processes to create unique experiences for every customer while identifying new opportunities for you to stay on top of the competition curve. That’s the price of doing business. Thus CRM software is readily available now than ever before. Every vendor and solution provider vies for the market share. Since 1999, Salesforce has continued to dominate. It has grown from just a small startup to a behemoth and a household name. 

Salesforce has grown this way and continues to maintain market leadership in the following benefits.

Has a sterling reputation

 Reputation is everything, and for any company to grow and outsmart others in the industry, it must seek to have an impressive reputation. The Salesforce leaders seem to have understood that critical aspect, and that’s why they have maintained their leadership in cloud computing. The company has become recognizable and a synonym in the world. It has received accolades from different world players over the years for its outstanding products and services. It provides CRM services to some of the world’s largest and notable companies like Toyota, Adidas, Spotify, and many more. 

Salesforce offers high-quality services and products.

With more than twenty years in the market, Salesforce has continued to offer secure, highly customizable, easy to use, scalable products and services and a proven track record. Salesforce is built on a multitenant architecture, meaning that all customers, no matter the edition they purchase, use the same infrastructure. 

Again, Salesforce has been offering ingenious solutions to unique challenges that businesses face. These and many more qualities have made the brand the best option for over a hundred and fifty thousand worldwide users. 

A powerful ecosystem

In addition to its robust and stable solution, the Salesforce ecosystem is expansive, consisting of customers, developers, and partners. Their thriving community allows customers to connect, ask questions and give feedback to the company. The platform enables customers to purchase and download apps. The Salesforce partner ecosystem consisting of independent software vendors, system integrators, and consultants provides customers with every support imaginable, from software implementation to maintenance and app development. Their partner ecosystem makes it easy for the customers to find a qualified partner.

Perfect in data security

The issue of data security has been a thorn for a long. 

Although studies have shown the cloud as the most secure than on-premises security legacy systems, there’s still a concern. To deal with this concern, Salesforce has an army of data security professionals and engineers on standby to ensure that your data is not at risk.

Unique pricing model

When Salesforce was entering the market, other CRM service providers like SAP and Oracle were charging expensively. Salesforce changed the pricing game by using a per-user fee, which is billed annually. With the four editions of Salesforce CRM, the price for every edition includes three upgrades per year. That means you’ll never pay an extra amount for innovation. 

Salesforce has taken leadership, and for over twenty years now, it remains the best CRM solutions provider like https://sf.candoris.com/ and the most preferred world over. Having this system in your business allows it to grow with ingenious solutions that will keep you above the competition.