Natural Stone – Benefits and Types of Finishes

In ancient times, natural stones were mainly available in the form of cubes. This served both structural and aesthetic needs. Thanks to the new technologies and tool inventions; quarrying of natural stones, cutting, finishing, refining, varnishing, and shipping has become easier, faster and very much cost effective. There are many stone suppliers that sell the natural stone at affordable prices.

Natural stone can be used for home or business decors. It is a simple way of upgrading your style and taste.

Benefits of Natural Stone.

Increase in Value of Property

Natural stones can be used for wall cladding or as coping stones. They often give an outstanding new look when used on exterior decorations of homes or businesses. This increases the value of your property immediately. You can either choose to go for the classic or modern look on your property. This also increases the price of your property at a very high level.

Shows Versatility on Your Property

Unlike other types of construction material, natural stones give versatile effects. This can be applied to your kitchen, bathroom, living room or contemporary paving stone for terrace. You can also add interest to your decoration by forming sawn paving slabs from natural stones.

Easy Care and Maintenance

You do not have to worry about the care and maintenance of your natural stone. There are simple and easy ways of keeping it at its best. All you have to do is dust-mop, sweep or use a vacuum before wet mopping and ensure you use a neutral cleaner or warm water.


As a result of the above-listed factors, natural stone is popular. Unlike counter surfaces and synthetic stones, natural stone is very unique. It is durable and has a long lasting quality that never goes out of style.

Types of Stone Finishes

There is a wide variety of ways that natural stone, such as Indian sandstone, is finished. You should pick out the best finish based on the intended use. This can either be for exterior or interior application. Here are some of the most popular finishes.


This is accomplished by repeated application of abrasives on stones. This method produces a shiny surface which has improved resistance and no porosity. Polished natural stone is mostly used as floor dressing, bench tops, kitchen counter-tops, and interior wall. It is not advisable to use it as an exterior wall since it reduces slip resistance.


This is an aging process that gives an antique finish. It is achieved by introducing the natural stone in a vibrating drum-like machine which has smaller and more resistant stones that end up wearing the tile. A tumbled finish gives an aging look and generates soft edges and surfaces.

Bush Hammered

This finish is gotten through hitting the material mechanically or manually, with a masonry tool known as a bush hammer. The finish gives uniformly distributed craters on the surface of the natural stone. The surface ends up non-slip.

As stated above, natural stone has a variety of benefits and one can get different finishes out of it. All you have to do is contact relevant natural stone suppliers to get any that suits your needs.