Playing Casino Using Promotional, Match-Play and Non-Negotiable Chips

Online casino is fast replacing the conventional land-based casinos. The main reason is the comfort and the irresistible shower of offers given by online casinos.

They offer a huge joining bonus, other types of promotional 카지노쿠폰 and a wide variety of bonus programs. This article covers three of the major types of online casino chips.

  • Promotional chips
  • Match-Play chips
  • Non-Negotiable chips

Promotional Chips

These types of chips can be used for one bet resolved. It is given to the existing casino customers somewhat like a comeback promotion. In this case of a promotional chip, either when the payer wins or loses in his bet, the chip is returned to the casino. Whatever the player wins from the game, he keeps it with him. If in case, he ends up on a tie, he could get back the chips.

Match-Play Chips

These are very similar to a promotional chip. However, the difference is in the rule that a player who uses these chips should bet real money on match-play and it would have to be equal to a specific amount mentioned by the casino. These chips are more used like coupons than they could be used as a chip.

There are several complicated rules when a gamer uses match-play chips. Generally, it’s obligatory to match the wager portion alone but sometimes it’s required to match both portions if there is a split or double.

Non-Negotiable Chips


A player will not be able to cash in using these ‘non-neg’ chips. If he wins, he can keep these chips and the winnings will be in the form of cashable chips.

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