Short-term vs. long-term hair extensions – which ones to choose?

With the increasing popularity of hair extensions, more and more hairdresser salons introduce such treatments to their offer. However, you can also extend your hair at home without any special skills. Which methods will be suitable in each of these cases?

 The spontaneous visit to the hairdressers has gone wrong. Short hair turned out to make your face look like a full moon. Your hair has started to lose volume, and at this point, the cosmetics cannot deal with it anymore. There are many cases in which hair extensions are a blessing – those listed above are only a few most common examples. It’s a handy tool for anybody – you just have to have a basic understanding of the methods and their application.

That’s why, in this article, we’ve decided to compare them in order to provide you with an overview.

Short-term hair extension methods and when to use them

If you want a one-time metamorphosis or simply like to have more flexibility in terms of haircuts, short-term methods will be perfect for you. Yes – they are more time-consuming in the end since you have to apply them and take them off. However, with them, you’re free to change your looks anytime.

The most popular methods that fall under this category include tape in extensions and clip in extensions. You may prefer to choose the tape-in variant if you want a seamless, beautiful effect, but your hair is weak and damaged. The tapes are tightly attached to the hair strands, providing stability – however, they’re very light, so they do not pull the hair down, contrary to the clips. Tapes are really discreet, so even blonde tape in hair extensions blend naturally in the hair.

When applying tape in extensions, make sure to divide your hair into sections. The more sections you will have, the more natural the effect. It’s worth remembering that the hair should be dry at the moment your hair extensions are applied.

Long term extensions and when to use them

Going long-term is convenient – you put on the new extensions once every few months at the hairdresser, and you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming application. It’s a perfect choice if you want to correct the unflattering haircut or ad your hair some volume. However, it has its downsides. First, it doesn’t provide you with the flexibility since you apply the extensions for some months. Second, it may lead to hair damage.

Hot fusion is the most damaging method since it involves high temperatures. It guarantees a beautiful natural-looking effect because of the keratin bondings, but it won’t be suitable for thinner, dry hair that suffer from lack of moisture. If you want a natural look but avoid such treatments, go for the micro link method. It’s neutral for the hair, and it lasts really long!

If you still hesitate, check the tape in hair extensions before and after to see that it can provide you with a stunning metamorphosis!