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Steps to Become an HVAC Tech

The work done by Global Heating and Air Conditioning includes repairs, heating, air conditioning, and solar panel installations. The company has a team full of professionals who have taken the time to master the field. Everyone has to start somewhere, so read on to see how you can approach the path toward becoming a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tech.

High School Head Start

When delving into the world of HVAC work, you may wonder how early you may need to begin the path toward this type of career. Your own personal starting point can vary. One thing that is very consistent is that having a high school education is a prerequisite. It would be an exceptional field for anyone who, as a high school student, studied and excelled at math, physics, and vocational education.

After all, these subjects would provide preparation of sorts. If you have taken such classes and graduated with a high school diploma or equivalent, then you can proceed from there.

College Classes

In the state of California, an aspiring HVAC technician has to be at least 18 years of age and have at least four years of experience in the field before even attempting the license exam. College classes are certainly an option that is open to aspiring techs. Classes that cover heating and air conditioning are available at various community colleges, technical schools, and trade schools offer classes in heating and air conditioning. Keep in mind, however, that the duration that it may take to receive a certificate or an associate’s degree can last from six months to two years.

Become an Apprentice

After all of this, you are free to consider going into an apprenticeship. Such a program can last for as little as three years and as much as five years. So patience would be necessary, but keeping the end goal in mind can help. You can learn about safety, blueprints, and the proper use of tools from someone who is experienced with such things. An apprenticeship would be an effective way of dipping your toes into this type of work. While this is not obligatory in California, it can turn out to be a very beneficial learning experience.

Acquiring a License

After gaining a lot of experience, you may find yourself well prepared for the license exam. If you pass it, then you will receive the license and be considered capable of doing the job. The license would cure anyone of any doubts that you are very familiar with installations and repairs. As an HVAC tech, you should also display the qualities of politeness when working with any client. With all of this experience, you would be expected to act professionally. It might go without saying, but it is best not to display any rude behavior that would alienate any client.

Wages to Expect

As with any job, it is important to know how much pay they can expect. A May 2018 annual wages report showed that the bottom 10% of people in this field made less than $29,460, while the top 10% made upwards of $76,230. The median annual wages ranged from $46,000 to $51,000. An HVAC tech can definitely be well off doing this kind of work. The job is about helping the clients, but it is also nice to know how much you could potentially be making.

Take the Steps

Once you are very well acquainted with the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you may be able to start anew at Global Heating and Air Conditioning. Go ahead and take the necessary steps that you need to make toward becoming an HVAC tech as soon as you can. It may take a lot of work, but if this is what you are passionate about, then it could be the right fit for you. Eventually, after going through the stages, you can find yourself in the company of colleagues who aim to keep the buildings of their clients as comfortable as possible.