The 8 Spa Services That Make AYANA Resort and Spa Gain a Worldwide Recognition

AYANA Spa is well renowned for its relaxing massages and ancient healing remedies; the resort was declared Indonesia’s best spa facility in 2016. Below are 8 of the most relaxing world class spa services offered at the AYANA’s Spa.

Island Heritage

The Island Heritage is a splendid 75-minute treatment which showcases the powerful and exotic ingredients of the Bali’s island lifestyle. 

AYANA’s therapists offer a hand-crafted scrub to soften and nourish the skin with rice powder, sandalwood, and exotic ylang ylang flowers that produce a high fragrant essential oil. After the full body exfoliation, one undergoes a relaxing Balinese massage aimed at moisturizing; re-invigorate circulation and promoting the awesome sense of well-being through the gentle detoxification. 

The Lovebird Couple Treatment

This package is specially designed for couple’s it starts with a calming foot wash to revive tired feet and a complete body scrub to get rid of useless skin and repair younger shine. This is followed by a flower bath and body rubdown.

This is followed by a healthy lunch at the Spa Café for up to two hours in the Aqua tonic Seawater Therapy Pool, then a facial and sooner or later Yoga and Meditation.

Thermes Marins Anti-Aging Facial

The professional spa team found at the luxury hotels bali has thoughtfully crafted the ultimate treatment known as the ‘Thermes Marins Anti-Aging Facial’ which enhances both the inner and outer beauty.

The treatment involves being pampered for 1 hours and 15 minutes as the therapist expertly applies nourishing undersea elements together with natural botanicals like roses which help in energizing and restoring the skin’s suppleness.

The His and Her Spa Ritual

This ritual involves treating the one you love to a marvel wellness indulgence  by utilizing the botanical ingredients from AYANA’s Spa Ritual Series, the custom designed ‘his and hers frame masks’ begins with a romantic spa break out followed by a purifying foot wash then culminates in to a splendid facial.

Frangipani Charm 

This 90- minute treatment makes good use of the sweet fragrance of Balinese frangipani and the plumeria flowers that are always blooming at the resort.

The treatment starts with a relaxing frangipani foot soak, rice powder, frangipani and a sandalwood scrub which removes the old skin cells and softens the skin. 

The Frangipani charm is very effective in helping your skin maintain a youthful glow which in turn translates to a deeper sense of well-being with eased tension, an improved blood circulation and the elimination of toxins stored in your lymphatic system.

Lava Stone Reflexology 

The AYANA signature Lava Stone Reflexology treatment combines techniques from China, Thailand and Europe. It begins with a ceremonial footbath followed by an energizing leg massage and a therapeutic foot reflexology using a custom set of Lava stones from the mountain. 

To complete the treatment one is given a deeply relaxing hand; neck and shoulder massage to release the burdens of everyday living thus brightening the mood.

Chakra Dhara 

This is a one-of-a-kind signature experience drawn from exotic massage traditions of Ayurveda together with synergistic aromatherapy blends of gemstone therapy and chakra sound healing to relax the body, open your chakras and renew your spirit. 

AYANA’s Hindu therapists use pranic healing by visually projecting a ‘color’ from their hands onto your body and chanting internally a sacred tone that’s called a ‘bija mantra’, this transmits universal energy for your body to use as it chooses.

Balanced and cleansed anew, the treatment leaves the guest in an optimum state of well-being.

Renewing Face Massage 

This involves a face and neck massage using the famous ‘ Nakatsuji Method’ developed by a renowned Japanese orthopaedic and anti-aging expert Tadashi Nakatsuji, with the aim of shaping the face, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and stimulating collagen production.

This massage uses grape seed almond oil since they are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish and soften the skin. It concludes with Nakatsuji’s own trademarked anti-aging facial cream.