The best strip/ gentlemen’s clubs in Melbourne

Arranging a bucks party and wondering which Melbourne clubs have the best strippers for buck party? Melbourne has many hot establishments that offer a variety of entertainment from table dancing to pole dancing, erotic stage shows, private dances, and everything else. Melbourne is the ideal city to celebrate your last night of hedonistic debauchery. Navigating through the large number of clubs calling themselves strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs in Australia can be tedious.

There are a couple of clubs that usually make the cut on a number of “best strip clubs Melbourne” lists.

  1. Centrefold Lounge

Centrefold Lounge is Melbourne’s largest, and strip club. It has been voted and won a few awards as the best strip club in Australia. This club is located in a multi-level building. Each level is different offers a different kind of entertainment. The club also has about five bars and has plenty of room for performers and clients to dance on its gleaming mezzanine floors. The club puts a lot of effort into providing quality entertainment and puts on shows and themed nights. The club offers packages including strippers for bucks party and rewards programs for its regular customers.

  1. Dreams Gentlemen’s Club

Dreams gentlemen’s club has been around for over a decade now and has changed management that has brought in new modern interiors with plush modern interiors that distinguish it as a boutique strip club. The club has a variety of packaged deals as well as VIP areas. They also have in-house events like Poker nights, Lingerie nights, Couple nights, and more.

  1. Showgirls Bar 20

This is a new classy establishment that is known for attracting super-hot showgirls. For a while, it was known as the best tabletop dancing venue in Melbourne. Bar 20s a brand new purpose built nightclub feel strip club. It offers a lot of events and themed nights and a VIP experience that stands out. The club is famous and has been featured in a lot of publications like Playboy- not a lot of clubs have had that honour.

  1. Kittens

There are two Kittens venues in Melbourne. One is in South East Melbourne and the other one is close to South Melbourne. Kittens might not be as glamorous as the other two clubs mentioned above but it offers a more intimate saucier atmosphere. It also has its own party bus which you can book for a special more private bucks night away from the bustle of the club scene. The club even runs a school for ladies who want to learn pole dancing. In listing famous Melbourne clubs we cannot leave out Showgirls Bar 20.

These are just four clubs but there are a number of others like Maxine’s which offers dinner and a show for one, The Men’s Gallery with its world-famous dancers and overall great customer service.  We cannot leave out clubs Spearmint Rhino Melbourne that has been in business for a number of years and have courted controversy over the years. These are all high-end clubs with girls eager to please and management that actually cares about the customer, your choice will depend on what you are looking for, full nude, topless, table dancing gorgeous girls who are good at what they do.