The Important of Picking a Certified Expert for Tesla Body Shop

For those that are proud of their Tesla, it is quite natural that they would want to keep it in great condition. As such, what do people do when it comes to their Tesla body shop? They must find a qualified auto body shop. In essence, they need to shop for a shop with an original equipment manufacturer certified to perform repairs on their vehicles. When they need repairs for their Tesla, some of the critical steps to take to find a certified Tesla body shop include:

They Will Use Factory-Approve Parts for Their Tesla

When some shops repair vehicles, they turn to aftermarket parts, which are not the parts manufactured by the original manufacturer. A Tesla body shop will surely use only OEM parts to replace any worn-out or broken parts when they take their vehicles to an OEM certified shop. These shops will ensure that their customers’ vehicles continue to run as it should since they are using the exact required parts. As for the vehicle owners, these parts guarantee that repairs do not void their warranty.

A Trained Expert Will Replace Your Tesla Body

There is no guarantee that the technician working at a workshop will have the experience with their type of vehicle when people take their vehicle to an uncertified Tesla body shop. For a technician to work at a Tesla certified body shop, it means that such a technician has been trained to work specifically on those vehicles. As such, these technicians understand the manufacturer-approved methods they need to use and what to expect to repair the car.

Using the Right Equipment to Repair Tesla

The technician at a certified Tesla body shop will have all the right tools to repair people’s cars, which is another bonus for the car owners. Owners of Tesla must ensure their cars are repaired using the right tools and techniques since Tesla cars are relatively new. They will have such assurance when they take their cars to an OEM certified shop.

Maintaining Tesla Cars

Several standard maintenance items don’t apply because Tesla makes fully-electric cars. For example, a Tesla owner doesn’t need an oil change for their car. They also don’t need to worry about traditional fuel costs. Though Tesla has a high price tag, the car maintenance costs are some of the lowest on the market.

As some repairs can be quite expensive, there may need to be specialized care for Tesla. There are third-party extended warranties which can help out Tesla car owners, particularly when their cars are getting old. The recommendation from Tesla is to have a regular maintenance schedule, like all major car brands. The car maintenance schedule includes annual inspections to ensure that everything was going right. However, there was a switch from yearly recommendation to maintaining particular services on an as-required basis in 2019. Some of the required maintenance schedules are:

  • Winter care when cold-weather region drivers need to clean and lubricate their car’s brake calipers every 12,500 miles or 12 months.
  • Air conditioning service
  • Brake fluid test
  • Tire rotation
  • Cabin air filter