Things To Know About Online Gambling In South Korea

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people from different parts of the world are hoping to win a pot of gold through gambling. Well, some are lucky enough because they can always bring home money. While there are also those who often spending for nothing – they lost, and that’s the reason why they keep on betting – to get their money back. I know that it is not the best solution because we can’t be lucky all the time. But a lot of people are counting on their lucky charms and they won’t stop until they get that huge amount of money.

As residents visitors from South Korea, pretty sure that you are familiar with the 메이저사이트, which is a site connected to making a bet and gambling online. Through such websites, you may also get promotional discounts or vouchers. Let’s say that through this, you will be able to connect to various games over the Internet. I supposed, this is what you need when you are looking for safe and trusted websites for betting – things that are not easy to find. That’s why as a gambler, you have to carefully choose a trustworthy site.

It might be difficult to land on a reliable and reputable company, where you can bet, but some individuals do not take it seriously. They just keep on betting and when they won, they cannot get their money back. This only shows that a lot of people are not aware about such gambling activities online. Before starting to bet, you should have at least learned about this. That’s why, we have here a few information to be considered when placing an online bet in South Korea.

Fund for Online Use

If you are new in this kind of transaction, then you should know how people do it in South Korea. Let’s say that you are going to have an electronic wallet at Neteller, Help2pay, Astropay, Ecopayz and Skrill. It is required to deposit your fund electronically because this is what you will be using to bet.

Depending on the website, where you are betting, they accept various currencies like the Euro. Therefore, they must have an international bank account, a debit card or a credit card to fund the electronic wallet. It is true that they are in this country, but Won is not allowed to be used.

Anyway, opening an account or e-wallet is not easy. You have to follow the required steps before enjoying the service. It must be verified that you are the person, who owns this account. They may even send you a pin code to access it and this will be delivered to your home or hotel address. Now, if you are required to send documents or valid identification cards, they may ask you to email or post it as well.

South Korean Law on Online Gambling

When you are visiting a country for fun and entertainment, one of the things that you might want to do is to gamble and place your bets on different sites – go to for further reading. Before doing this activity, I suggest you to learn first about the laws, concerning this kind of online activity.

You should be aware that gambling over the Internet is actually illegal in the country. That’s why those who are interested in this should bet on websites that are operated in other countries, where this kind of operation is legally accepted. Only betting on sports are allowed in the country. In fact, they also have casinos in different places, but it is only available to foreign nationalities.

By the way, the reason why Koreans do not operate and invest on betting sites, is the fact that the authorities will arrest them when caught. The government is strictly monitoring such activities over the Internet and they have their own ways to track and trace such illegal actions. Therefore, they need to bet on a site owned and operated in other countries.

Legal Gambling

When it comes to legal betting games in South Korea, you will surely hear something about Toto as well as Proto. Well, these two are known in this industry. They offer individuals a chance to play with their money through various sports, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and golf.

Such activities are legal and everybody is welcome to participate in various games offered. You just need to make sure that you are going to support a trusted site for these sports. Do not worry, if you are just visiting the country and has no capability to read the local language. You just have to choose a site that is available in English language.

Betting Rules in South Korea

One of the most important things to know when you are playing for money on Sports Toto or Proto are the rules that govern these activities. You should understand the regulations to avoid getting caught in trouble, especially when it comes to betting on unlicensed and untrusted websites. Visit this site to find out more.

Basically, you should keep in mind that this activity must not be done on purpose just to earn for a living. Such activities are just for fun and entertainment only. Therefore, it is only played for pleasure. Engaging with this for profit is punishable by law and when caught, you will be fined with about 5M Won. This must not be considered as a habitual activity as well because this may lead to 3 years of imprisonment or you may be fined with 20M Won.

Today, South Korea will allow you to bet on lotteries and sports. There are land-based gambling spots in the country, but again, locals are not permitted to gamble here. Only foreign visitors may come and play. Do not forget that you should only play on trusted websites that are licensed and owned by foreign nationalities. If you think that the site is doubtful, then you better read customer reviews or ask for well-known sites to avoid getting scammed.