Tips on How To Get Squirrels Out of Your House

If you’ve seen movies like The Nut Job, Ice Age, Flora & Ulysses, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, you might think that squirrels are admirable, cute, and playful. While these may be true, these critters can also become a nuisance if they manage to make their way inside your home.

Squirrels can do substantial damage to your property. They can gnaw or chew through shingles, aluminum, wood siding, insulation, electrical wires, and plumbing pipes. They can also carry diseases like tularemia, typhus, plague, and ringworm. So, if you have reasons to believe that squirrels have already made their way inside your home, follow these tips to drive them out of your house safely and successfully:

  • Make Loud Noises 

According to the Humane Society of the United States, making loud noises may help scare or frighten squirrels toward the exit. You may talk or yell loudly or rap on your ceilings, rafters, or walls. You can also turn on your radio or television and pump up the volume. If these don’t work, you should call a professional right away.

However, let’s say that the squirrel in your attic or chimney is a female. It may have already built a nest in the area and have given birth. If this is the case, it can be territorial over its offspring, so it may refuse to leave your house no matter how much noise you make.

  • Turn On Your Lights

Although squirrels aren’t nocturnal animals, they often hide in dim areas of your house, such as your attic or chimney. So, try setting up a bright, flashing light in these places. These critters are sensitive to bright light, so they might voluntarily leave your property once you illuminate the spots they’re hiding in.

  • Use Natural Repellants

Squirrels have a strong sense of smell and are sensitive to pungent aromas. This makes apple cider vinegar highly effective at keeping these critters at bay. All you have to do is soak some rags in cider vinegar and place them near the attic door, at the bottom of the fireplace, or in any room the squirrels frequent. Once they smell the pungent aroma, they will leave your property right away.

Additionally, squirrels also hate “spicy” or “hot” smells. So, you may also sprinkle some garlic, cayenne, or white or black pepper in your attic and chimney.

  • Help the Squirrel Find the Exit

Oftentimes, squirrels have no intention of staying in your house. They simply enter your home out of curiosity. So, instead of trapping them in your property and trying to capture them, help them find the exit.

Close all entryways to the other rooms of your house, but open all doors and windows that lead outside. You should also remove any food in the area where the squirrel is hiding in. The snacks might only give the critter a reason to stay.

  • Use Human Hair

If you’re planning to get a haircut, you may ask your stylist to keep your trimmings. You can place it in the area of your home that the squirrels frequently visit. This will make the critters think a human is close by, so they might just leave your house right away. Additionally, you may also use a dog’s fur.

  • Catch the Squirrel Using a Blanket

If you somehow managed to corner the squirrel, don’t try to capture it with your bare hands. As mentioned above, these critters can carry different diseases, so you’d want to avoid getting bitten or scratched by them.

To safely catch the squirrel, you should put on some heavy gloves first. Once done, you can then slowly approach the critter while holding a blanket in front of you. Drop it on the squirrel and roll it up quickly. But don’t roll it too tight or press too hard to avoid harming the creature.

Get in Touch With a Pest Control Company Today!

In case you need help or more tips on how to get squirrels out of your house, reach out to a pest control provider in your area. They can certainly help you protect your property from pests, insects, or critters.

It’s best to get squirrels out of your property right away before they do significant damage to your belongings. So, contact your local pest control company now and set up an appointment. They’ll surely love to assist you with your needs.