Top 10 Quick Tips – Blue Water Hunting in 2021

Diving in a deep ocean is the best experience people can have in their lifetime. Deep in the ocean, exploring the water animals from near and all other kinds of species in the clear water is flabbergasting. People also love fishing in the ocean. Many people love fishing by diving into the ocean, this is called Bluewater Hunting or spearfishing. 

 What is spearfishing?

Blue Water Hunting is a challenge for fishers to dive deep into the ocean and hunt fishes found in deep waters, hunting the toughest, biggest fishes found on the planet. Spearfishing requires lots of experience and training. There are lots of risks involved while hunting so, taking necessary precautions is recommended by everyone. 

There are many places for blue water Hunting and the best is Cape Verde an island around 570KM away from the West coast of Africa. Fishing here provides you best experience with training and all the required equipment. This place is also known for the variety of species found in the deep water, such as Blue marlin one of the fastest predators on Earth belonging to the family of sailfish. Wahoo from the family of the mackerel, and Dorade fish known to be served at many restraints around the world and more. Cape Verde is the best place for traveling and fishing, diving deep into the clear ocean, and experience the best of water animals.

Tips for spearfishing

If you want to learn basics of fish hunting dive thoroughly with Apnea Boom at Cape Verde. 

  • The basic need for spearfishing is better gear, including a mask, some fins, a snorkel, a wetsuit, some weights, and a computer-designed weight belt for free diving, and at Apnea Boom you can rent these things and get started with the course. 
  • If you want to hunt in the Atlantic Ocean, a free diver certificate is necessary. If you take the course all the basic techniques are thoroughly explained in one lesson. 
  • You need a spearfishing gun to hunt after you take the shot the group needs to defend the fish from other predators like sharks. 

 All of these techniques are taught in the course. 

Hunting a Black marlin is hard because of the fast moving ability, however, with proper training you can be a pro in hunting.

Hunting and fishing are good as fun activity however, one should understand the fact of saving biodiversity. Every organism on the Earth plays an important role in the ecosystem so, we should keep in mind that excess of everything can lead you to consequences. Spearfishing requires lots of experience as you are more exposed to the dangerous living water animals deep in the ocean, so proper guidance and precautions are a must while hunting.