Top 5 out-of-the-box places to have sex

If you have never had sex in an unconventional place, you might want to stop a little while from reading this to the end. Sex could become boring when it’s the same regular way all over. Have you ever wondered why most individuals prefer quickies?


Taboos and incest, over time, have become some of the most interesting types of sex not because it’s different but because of the variables involved. The fact that you can have sex in a very unsafe place or an unconventional situation makes the concept of sex more adventurous. So, if you are the type that enjoys adventures, you should work towards having sex in some of these places that would be mentioned below.

Several porn videos have featured sex in out-of-the-box locations. Imagine having sex in the hospital with a patient on drips. That’s totally out of the box, and because it’s out of its box is one of the several reasons most people want to explore it. If this interests you, consider any of the below and try exploring them.

·        On the stairs:

Imagine your legs on the fence and your partner slamming you from behind. First, comfort here is almost zero, as both of you won’t have much enjoyment to go. Nonetheless, the stress makes it out of the box and fun. So, quit seeing your stairs as just the stairs. Instead, see them as a place where you can have sex.

·        In the car:

You’ve heard it and seen it in porn videos; you should try it. Nothing stops you from bending your seats in the car and having hot, steaming sex right there. Think about it.

·        At a friend’s:

This will be quite fun if you and your partner are ready to try it. Imagine seeing your friend with your partner and your friend steps out to get groceries. You and your partner could explore quickie right there without anyone knowing.

·        At an event:

This is definitely out of the box and out of the house. Sex at an event could be done in such a tight and inconvenient situation. Imagine you and your partner having sex in the male toilet, and men are trooping into pee. There’s not much room for moaning, which makes this even more interesting, having to keep all those ecstasies inside.

·        On the beach:

Several porn videos have this as some of their central themes. One of the best types of sex is one done outdoors. So, if you want to explore sex with your partner, take it outside. Go on the beach and have a shag! While at it, you also enjoy the cool breeze and the view across the large body of water up front.