Various Types Of Hairstyles For Straight And Curly Hair

There are misconceptions that barbers do not cut hair for women. Experts in hair salon forest hills say that hair symbolizes personality. Here are a few types of women’s hairstyles that can be cut by barbers. 

  • Feathered Half Long Style

Low Volume Hair / High Volume Hair

Feather cut always suits both low volume hair and high volume hair. For low-volume hair, it adds a high-volume look. For high-volume hair, it looks more attractive, and bouncy. 

Straight Hair / Curly Hair

The feathered half-long style will add a beautiful texture with a springy look to the straight hair. For curly hair, it looks cuter and fair.

  • Medium Bobbed Hair With Highlights

Low Volume Hair /High Volume Hair

Bob, the classical hairstyle of the 1920s will sit perfectly with low volume hair and high volume hair. Adding a few highlights will make it look more beautiful. For low-volume hair, bobbed hair with highlights will present a high-volume look. For voluminous hair, bobbed hair might be a bit more, but can still give it a try. 

Straight Hair/Curly Hair

Bobbed cut with highlights for straight hair gives a bumpy and gloomy look, which is attractive for a girl’s face. For curly hair, a bobbed cut may not look like it. Adding colors to the highlights will be an advantage for bobbed cuts.

  • Long Bobbed With Highlights

Low Volume Hair/ Hair Volume Hair

For low-volume hair, a long bob with highlights may not blend in easily. But still gives a sophisticated look. For high-volume hair, this style will give an inviting look. 

Straight Hair/ Curly Hair

For straight hair, a long bob with highlights is a supreme look. Colors like grey, blue, chocolate, and red will give a brighter look. For curly hair long bobbed with highlights is an option to make their hair look a bit straighter. 

  • Layered End With Messy Wavy Lob

Low Volume Hair/High Volume Hair

For both low and high-volume hair, a messy wavy lob will ginger up the look. A messy hairstyle fits every profession. Experts in hair salon forest hills always suggest women try this style at least once. 

Straight Hair/Curly Hair

For straight hair, a layered end with a messy wavy lob is a perfect option to adopt. It looks way more attractive than other hairstyles for straight hair. For curly hair, messy hair will make it look springier which adds an ideal look.

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