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It is the most common type of office chair in business. It has a mechanism that provides permanent contact with the back of the user, for optimal comfort in an extended sitting position. These office chairs are ideal for employees who work around 7 hours a day (average duration).

Here are the different characteristics that you should find for this type of office chair:

The back of the office chair follows and accompanies your body movements (tilting the body forward, backward, pivoting on the sides). It therefore remains in permanent contact with your back and greatly relieves your lower back, for several hours.

The seat back can be locked precisely in a desired position: right angle, slight tilt back, at a precise tilt angle.

The restoring force of the back of the office chair is adjustable so as to adapt it to the person’s morphology and weight. In other words, your chair will be able to support the weight of its user, maintaining the same position as that which it had previously adjusted. You can check this website if you want to choose the right chairs.

The seat of the office seat remains fixed

A chair with a mechanism providing permanent contact is ideal for most corporate employees.

A period of intensive use of your office chair: duration greater than 7 hours

In the case of intensive use, with an average working time of more than 7 hours per day, a different office chair must be offered to this category of user. This type of seat has a synchronous mechanism. That is to say?

A synchronous mechanism means that the office chair synchronizes with all the movements of the body of its user, to deliver maximum comfort. It is the type of chair that currently offers maximum ergonomics on the market in 2020.

Here are its main features:

  • The back and seat of the office chair recline together, and at the same time, to coordinate with the movements of the user’s body.
  • Here too, the restoring force of the backrest is adjustable so as to adapt to the morphology and weight of the user.

When you sit down, the office chair automatically receives a physical shock. By boomerang effect, the latter reacts physically by causing a shock in the spine of its user. To avoid this type of inconvenience, an anti-return system (anti-boomerang) is deployed, which makes the office chair insensitive to blows caused by its user.

A synchronous mechanism represents what is most ergonomic for an office chair. It will be suitable for intensive daily work. This type of chair improves posture, considerably reducing back strain.

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What tilting mechanism to choose for your office chair?

There are a total of 3 tilting mechanisms for an office chair.

  • The office chair with centered tilting mechanism: the office chair reclines in a position allowing the body to rest for long days at work.
  • The office chair with offset tilting mechanism: with this type of office chair, you can adjust the back of the chair without moving the seat. This seat offers good comfort in the lower part of the body (pelvis, legs).
  • The office chair with synchronous mechanism: we talked about it previously; it is indeed the best choice you can make in terms of ergonomics. The seat back and seat coordinate with the movements of the user’s body.