What is 4G? Network Data Technology Decoded!


They say “Speed defines everything”, that “Life must be lived in speed and focus” and we couldn’t agree more. In today’s fast-paced world, speed really does define everything. If you’re not the fastest and the first to speak up, you’re hardly remembered.

In the media industry, the first one to break the news to the world is always given supreme status. Similarly, the first one to answer in a class gets all the appreciation from the teacher. So, in an era where almost everything is online, the one thing boosting your speed is your cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Speaking of cellular, you must have surely heard of the terms 2g, 3g, 4G and now 5g. Although, 5g plans have been going on for a while now, till the time it’s made available to everyone, 4G still remains the fastest Mobile Network Technology. So today, let’s decode 4G and figure out what is it all about!


What Is 4G?

4G stands for “Fourth Generation” and is currently one of the fastest Mobile Network Technology standards available to the masses. It is the latest addition after 2G and 3G and is being followed by the upcoming 5G network.

4G networks were designed to accommodate a much bigger volume of cellular devices as well as more data-heavy internet activities like playing online games and streaming High Definition videos. And combined with Long Term Evolution aka LTE, it delivers a noticeable increase in speed.

If you’ve been using a 4G sim you would’ve already experienced the 4G speed. It ensures faster downloads and uploads, better clarity during video chats, and much more.


Is 4G Better Than 3G?

The question of the decade is, “Is 3G better than 4G?” Well, the answer is “Yes!” Being the latest platform of mobile communications 4G – LTE provides up to 5 times faster speed than a 3G connection. 


Benefits Of Getting A 4G Connection

If you’ve decided to opt for a 4G connection, it might just be your best decision. Because, with the kind of 4G speed it offers, it’s no wonder that a majority of people are switching to 4G sims. Enlisted below are some of the benefits of getting a 4G connection:

  • With a faster connection, 4G offers higher download and upload speeds. So now you can download all your favourite videos and games within a few minutes.
  • An increase in bandwidths means higher data transfer speeds. Now transfer your data easily with the 4G speed.
  • 4G connection reduces latency which results in higher response rates.
  • A 4G connection also provides wider network coverage of over 30 miles.
  • Offers better and complete network security compared to other network technologies. 


Switch To Airtel 4G

A vast majority of the population in India has already switched to 4G sims. Hardly a few are still stuck on 3G sims. Meanwhile, some people have switched to 4G sims and still aren’t experiencing the full potential of their 4G speed due to poor network. In either of these cases, we’d advise you to switch to Airtel 4G as they promise to deliver the best 4G experience.

But how do you get an Airtel 4G sim? It’s quite simple. You either get a new Airtel 4G sim, upgrade your existing Airtel sim into 4G or port from your existing network provider to Airtel prepaid. Follow these simple steps to get an Airtel 4G connection:

  1. Go to your nearest Airtel store or visit https://www.airtel.in/prepaid-4g-sim/.
  2. If you’re going to a store, talk to the Airtel representative there and get your 4G sim. However, if you’re doing it online, follow the steps below and get your 4G sim delivered at home.
  3. Enter your name and existing mobile number.
  4. Choose whether you want to port the aforementioned number or get a new connection.
  5. Select your city, enter your address and submit it to schedule doorstep KYC.

Soon an Airtel rep will come to your house, complete KYC and hand over your sim which will be activated within hours. And just like that, you’ll be a part of Airtel enjoying the best of 4G speed.