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What You Need to Know About Photo Etched Parts

You might not know it, but right now there are probably photo etched parts all around you. These small bits of manufacturing are vital to the operation of many devices we rely on today. Beyond their industrial application, photo etched parts also have an artistic side. Let’s take a look at these fascinating bits of technology.

What are photo etched parts?

These parts are tiny and intricate pieces of metal that are shaped using a chemical process called photo etching. This process allows the pieces to be cut far thinner and in much more detail than even the most advanced laser or water-jet cutter are capable of. Pieces can be cut and shaped to match virtually any specification. Further, these cut pieces can then be shaped which allows experts to create larger parts that are both incredibly intricate and very delicate.

What are Photo Etched Parts Used For?

Photo etched parts find themselves all over the place. The most common use for these parts is in intricate electronic devices. Electronics that have very small moving parts or that require a complicated internal need photo etching. Photo etching is the best way to create pieces small and intricate enough for the job. Other applications can be found in any setting that needs metal components that are too small to be machined with more conventional methods. These include things like fine shims, metal meshing, and even parts for model cars!

Photo etching Outside of Industrial Use

Photo etching can also be found in more artistic environments. The most common of these is in model cars. These models often strive to be as accurate to the real thing as possible. Putting together a ‘76 Impala at 1/32 scale can be a very detailed task, but just imagine making those pieces in the first place! Photo etching allows designers to create realistic details on a miniature scale. This process also makes parts for other hobbyist modelling including trains and action figures.

The world of photo etched parts is just about as intricate as the pats themselves. When the traditional machining technologies, like laser and water-just cutters, can’t get enough detail to do the job, the chemical etching process known as photo etching can. These parts then make their way into everything from smartphones to industrial machines. They also have an artistic side and are often employed in getting the fine details of model cars to be as accurate as possible. Photo etched parts are an incredibly interesting part of today’s technological world!