Why does Queen keep two birthdays, and how does she celebrate them?

In this article, we will talk about why does the Queen have two birthdays and how is Queens birthday celebrated. Also, we will talk about how she will celebrate her birthday in Australia.

How does the Queen celebrate her birthday in Australia?

Many people are still confused and think that how will the Queen celebrate her birthday in Australia. Because the Queen was born in England and also she is the ruler of England. This is a very common question that is asked by many people on the internet. The answer is that Australia comes from the commonwealth countries which the Queen rules.

This is an old tradition as the Queen’s parents were the rulers of these commonwealth countries. There are around seven countries in which Queen has control. Australia is one of the commonwealth countries on that list, so this is how she celebrates in Australia.

Her birthday is celebrated with an army parade, and also there are flags of the UK and posters of the Queen everywhere. Also, on the day when she celebrated her birthday, it is kept as a public holiday.

This is done so that everyone can join the celebration of her birthday and enjoy it. She also keeps discount on all the restaurants in Australia so that people can enjoy with their family. This is a good thing done by the Queen to keep the people happy. This is an important thing to do as the Queen is the one who is supporting the functions of Australia. Not only the parade and food, but they also keep a sale on everything clothes, electronics and many more.

Why does Queen have two birthdays, and how does she celebrate them?

The Queen has two birthdays because one is kept in honour of her parents. This is because she loved her father so much that she had decided to celebrate her birthday with the world. This means that on her fathers birthday, she does everything in public to remember him. She does all the functions with the public, and then she also has her birthday. This makes a total of two birthdays which the Queen has with her every year.

One is celebrated with the public, and the other is celebrated within the family itself. The first Monday in June is her father birthday which she celebrated with the people. The second Thursday, which comes in June, is her birthday which she celebrated with her family.

She does this so that she can keep the public as well as her family happy. The Queen has ruled the UK and also the commonwealth countries for almost 69 years. This means that she has completed her silver and golden jubilee on the throne. Now she is also ready to celebrate her diamond jubilee with all the people of the UK.

The Queen kept a feast for the people when she celebrated with the public, and food is free for everyone. Queens most liked dishes are the salmon and cucumber sandwich along with tea and pastries.