Why should I buy a 300-gallon water tank?

There are many reasons to store drinking water. Stored drinking water in a 300-gallon water storage tank could be the best way for you to prepare for drinking water emergencies and ensure that you don’t run out of drinking water during an emergency or natural disaster.  If you want some peace of mind about drinking water storage and whether or not you have enough drinking water storage for your family during a drinking-water emergency or natural disaster, I encourage you to read this article. It will address where to get drinking-water storage supplies from the best online provider, USA Berkey Filters.

Flint, Michigan has recently been at the center of a drinking water crisis because its drinking water supply became contaminated with lead after its drinking water pipes were switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014 as a cost-cutting measure. Since then, people have been getting sick due to drinking this bad drinking water. In fact, there is evidence that indicates some children may even experience brain damage due to ingesting bad drinking water high in lead content. This situation is still ongoing years later and continues to be a serious drinking water problem.

The Flint drinking water crisis provides an important lesson in that you should never run out of drinking water during a natural disaster because if there is anything that is worse than running out of drinking water during a natural disaster it’s having your drinking water supply contaminated with lead. And now would also be the perfect time to learn about how to store drinking water in an emergency or natural disaster situation as well.

In our experience, the best water storage option is the Aquatank. As opposed to rigid tanks, the Aquatank is a large plastic bladder. This makes storage easier as the tank can conform to fit into unconventional spaces. In addition, the Aquatank can be rolled up and easily carried by one of your family members. It is truly an excellent drinking-water storage system, as you will see below.

What emergency drinking water storage do I need?

The answer depends on many things including:

* How much water you use each day on average * The number of people in your drinking water storage plan * If there are special needs drinking-water requirements for anyone in your drinking-water storage planning (for example, a small child) When creating your drinking-water supply plan based on our experience, it is essential to have enough drinking water stored to last 4+ months if vital drinking-water resources are unavailable. This is especially true for families with younger children who may not think twice about wasting water.

Once you have your water storage figured out, you should consider water filtration. 

If you have drinking water stored, it is essential that you filter and purify drinking water for drinking, cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, and food preparation. Filtered drinking water is safer than drinking water from a garden hose or reservoir. Water storage containers should be kept in the dark to prevent harmful growths like algae and bacteria from forming in the drinking-water tanks. A good solution is a Berkey water system. Berkey systems are gravity-fed drinking water filtration systems with built-in purification technology. 

Berkey drinking water filter is the only drinking water filter capable of removing chemical contaminants, heavy metals, and bacteria from drinking water. The filters are simple to use drinking water filters that take up little space on your countertop or look stylish in any home decor. Berkey drinking water filter provides a portable drinking water solution for when you want drinking water away from home. A Travel Berkey comes with two BPA free plastic containers (black & gray) that fit into the frame of a travel Berkey, so you’ll have plenty of clean, purified drinking, cooking and food preparation or emergency activity drinking/cooking/bathing & food preparation readily filtered drinking water that can be used for drinking water or cooking water.

For long-term drinking –  Aquatank Water Storage Tanks are designed specifically for Emergency Drinking Water Storage needs of your family’s safety net. These large-capacity drinking water storage tanks are constructed out of Food Grade polyethylene plastic with no liners so clean drinking water can always be assured without potentially contaminating chemicals leaching into your stored drinking water supply.