5 Benefits Of Windows Reseller Hosting

When you decide to launch a web hosting business as a Hosting Reseller, one of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing between Linux and Windows as the operating system of the webserver. While Linux is the more popular option, many websites need Windows-based applications IBM support and look for Windows-based hosting plans. Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, you can opt for a Windows Reseller Hosting plan and cater to this segment of websites. 

Today, we will talk about Windows Reseller Web Hosting and share 5 benefits to help you make the decision.

As a Hosting Reseller, the choice of the reseller plan can have a direct bearing on your business since the performance of your packages relies on the hosting provider. Among the two popular types of web Hosting Reseller plans available – Windows and Linux let us look at the benefits of starting a Web Hosting Reseller business with Windows as the OS.

1: Compatible with Microsoft applications

Windows is owned by Microsoft Corp. Therefore, it is compatible with all applications released by Microsoft. Many site owners prefer to build their sites using tools and applications of Microsoft since they are familiar with them. If a website built using these tools is hosted on a Windows server, then the site performs better. Hence, if you launch a Windows Reseller Hosting business, you can cater to these clients.

2: Easy-to-use interface

Windows hosting plans usually come with a familiar and easy-to-use interface that is well-suited to beginner and advanced-level users. It also allows you to run applications regardless of the language used to write them. 

3: Support

Windows hosting also has support from a range of Windows components. You can run websites built on UNIX on Windows servers too. There is sufficient support for any queries too.

4: Cost-Efficiency

Windows supports all Linux panels. Therefore, websites designed to be run on Linux can be migrated to Windows with ease. This allows you to offer hosting packages to both Windows and Linux-based sites making it a cost-efficient hosting option.

5: Security features

Both Windows and Linux servers are secure and the hosting company ensures that hackers and other cyber-miscreants are kept at bay. However, as an operating system, Windows offers a range of security features that are not available in Linux making it a more secure hosting environment for websites.

While Linux has grown in popularity for the range of benefits offered by it, choosing the OS of the server should depend on your assessment of the hosting needs of your potential clients. The following video gives a detailed comparison of Linux Reseller and Windows Reseller plans:

Linux Reseller Hosting vs  Windows Reseller Hosting

Remember, the biggest benefit as a reseller is the ability to tailor hosting packages based on the needs of your clients. Make sure that you assess their needs carefully before deciding.

Summing Up

As you can see, Windows Reseller Hosting offers a range of benefits that can help you establish a profitable web hosting business. Further, you can choose between HDD and SSD servers based on the anticipated needs of your clients. SSD Reseller Hosting plans tend to perform better than HDD plans.