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5 Designer’s Tips for Renovating Vintage Interiors

The interior decor of your home plays the most significant part in ensuring you have the house of your dreams. At a time when just about everything is ruled by trendy aesthetics, vintage is something you can never go wrong with. Timeless and elegant, with vintage decor, your home will surely be a welcoming space that charms every guest you bring over. But, while vintage interiors are known for being classic, every space can use some sprucing up every once in a while. So, if you are looking for ways to renovate your vintage interiors with a modern edge, here are some great tips from various interior designers in Bangalore that you can put to use:

  • Neutral Shades: Vintage decor, while very prominent in design with various types of furniture, fabrics, and such, is still mainly rooted in neutral shades as a base. This is a great way to ensure you still have the vintage element after your renovation. Neutral shades like off-white, sap green, brown and such, paired with the right type of lighting and furniture, are just what you need to give your vintage home a modern, renovated touch.
  • Velvet: As far as fabrics are concerned, velvet is something you can never go wrong with. It has a solid base in both vintage and modern interior decor. Incorporate the velvet flair in your decor with furniture like couches, chairs, sofas, etc. Combinations like dark velvet with dark shaded wood or light velvet with light shaded wood will give your room a clear focal point and take your decor up instantly.
  • Strike a Balance: When it comes to renovating vintage interiors with a modern touch, it is vital to maintain a stable balance between the two. You can do this by having an appropriate mix of patterns, textures, colours, furniture, etc. If you opt for light-shaded, ornate furniture, go with something bolder for the walls and vice versa. The balance between contemporary decor and vintage designs will give your home a sleek & exciting look.
  • Pick Out Antiques: Antique furniture is a massive part of vintage interior decor, so consider adding such elements to your home. You can either shop for these antique items or whip out any old treasury you have been saving in the family. Ancient handicrafts, artwork, decorated mirrors, and such can be statement pieces that will woo everyone who steps foot in your house.
  • Wall Paintings: Patterned or textured walls play a significant role in vintage decor, so if your house is sporting something solid, you can switch it up with some peppy wallpapers. You can also forgo the wallpapers and opt for large wall paintings instead. Many art galleries online and offline have extensive collections of vintage paintings that will fit just right in any space.

These simple tips will make your evergreen house as good as new. So get a quote from a free interior designer in Bangalore on Livspace and start renovating your space!