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Jobs at the airport are not just fascinating but also involve a lot of responsibilities too. They may seem to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in one city and the best food in the other but along with that, they have to take care of the people too. It can’t be denied that people working at the airport never seem to get tired of doing work and helping the passengers. So, now let’s take a look at all  Airport jobs for the 12th pass.

Apart from jobs in Airport, there are plenty of 12th pass jobs in India across various sectors.

Let’s now dive into the different types of jobs that are available at the airport along with their responsibilities.

Flight Attendant Jobs

One of the main responsibilities of a flight attendant is to make sure that all the passengers on board are safe and sound. They have to make sure people on board shouldn’t face any difficulty while they are traveling.

Airline Administrative Support

To run all the tasks smoothly, every airline needs to have an administrative support staff to look after the stuff. The position under this may include: secretaries, data entry workers, receptionists, communications and PR specialists, etc

Operations Agent

To grab this position in the airline a person must have really impressive communication skills along with that they have to receive and transmit information to and from pilots, personnel as well as ground staff too.

Avionics Technicians

These people are experts in electronic systems of aircraft. To grab an opportunity in this you must know troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing certain avionics equipment.

Flight Dispatcher

They are people who help to ensure the safety of an aircraft’s flight and they are called Flight dispatchers. Their job responsibilities include preparing a flight plan, layovers, distance, expected fuel consumption, winds aloft, weather, altitude, compass bearing, and alternate destinations in case of problems.

Ground / Airport Station Attendant

The people on this job post need to assist the passengers in the terminal those who have doubts regarding the directions, terminal services, or needs wheelchair access.

Passenger Service Agent

Passenger service agents some of the same responsibilities as those in station agent jobs, but they are focused on working passengers – not aircraft. Their duties include issuing refunds to passengers, computing fares, preparing and selling tickets, collecting charges for excess baggage, checking baggage, and providing travel information.

Airline Station Agent

An airline Station agent helps in ensuring that the overall operation of a given airline at an airport. They have to make sure all the operations involving flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew are going smoothly

Airline Ticket Agent

An airline ticket agent works at the ticket counter. They are required to greet customers when they enter the airport and help them to check-in luggage and make arrangements for their seats too.

Airline Flight Instructor

They are required to give training to the airline’s pilots, they are usually the senior pilots who fly for the airline.

For most of the jobs, good communication skills are the essential thing to grab a job at the airport and the ability to handle the activities and help out passengers with boarding and other things at the airport. If you have these skills then you can easily grab an airport job in Mumbai after 12th or anywhere in the country.

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