All you need to know about Jodhpurs 

Jodhpurs in Detail

In the modern world, Jodhpurs are referred to a tight and thick trouser that fits the wearer’s leg. To qualify as a jodhpur, the trouser must have a tight-fitting and should extend till the ankle. Sometimes in the United States, the term Jodhpurs‘ is also used as a slang word to determine a short boot used for horse riding.

A short boot is sometimes called a jodhpur boots if the person has worn a tight jodhpur. Traditionally, these types of trousers have one common thing, which is the snug cuff. The snug cuff at the extreme bottom can be found in common when it comes to jodhpurs.

Sometimes, this cuff can extend up to the mid legs. If you have ever seen the structures of balloon pants, you can relate to these trousers in some or another way.

Normally, they do not have zips locks, buttons, or any other type of adjustable for adjusting the size of the trouser as per the requirement of the person who is wearing them. Maybe this is the key factor why these tourers are kept stressed from the ankle apart.

The uppermost part of jodhpur trousers is loose. It looks baggy around the hips and groin. This contributes to a stylish and classy look. According to facts, jodhpurs are not worn in western countries alone. It has a long history in Asian countries, especially India and Bangladesh. If you think that jodhpurs are first manufactured only in the UK, then the following lines are especially for you.

History of Jodhpurs

The concept of long pants extended to the ankle with a flared look at the things that made its journey directly from the Indian sub-continent. The Indian kings, princes, and especially the ministers and male courtiers loved wearing jodhpurs since back in 16 to 17 centuries.

Although, there was no accurate estimation of the time when they were first invented. But as per the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the jodhpurs were first invented in 1793.

If we look deeper into the history, one can easily search out that Jodhpur pants were an integral part of the king’s reputation. Some of these pairs of trousers also have a design of ancient kingdom’s flag. This gives us a clear idea that the trousers are dated back to ancient times also.

The name jodhpurs came from the Indian state Rajasthan where Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination place known for its huge palace and historical monuments.

Bottom lines

Jodhpurs are the imperial part of the king’s outfit in south Asia. It’s quite surprising that some of the rulers also had a dedicated closet and/or cupboard only for their wide range of Jodhpurs collection.

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