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Basic info on bathroom tiles

Who am I kidding here? We all take bathroom breaks at least a dozen times a day! It shouldn’t be overlooked for a space that is going to be so frequented. Marble tiles have been the pinnacle of style for centuries now. This goes to show that the type of tile you decide on goes a long way in making a style statement.

However, it goes beyond just aesthetics. You also have to consider the purpose of use and functionality. Colours and patterns can come later.

Tile size

Tiles come in an assortment of size and shapes. The tiles you choose must work in harmony with the layout of your bathroom, so as to culminate your desired look. Square is one of the most common shapes in the market today and they come in regular standard sizes of 300 and 600mm. They are overwhelmingly in demand due to their symmetry. They are also easy to work with and the picture-perfect choice for fashioning classic, neutral, modern and traditional bathrooms. The modern tiles come in rather unconventional shapes like hexagon and rectangular. Yes, it is unique but it’s accompanied with complexities during installation. One has to meticulously measure each tile before fixing them. Its best left to the hands of experts for a neat look.

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This is one of the most exhilarating parts of the job. Colour psychology studies hues as a determent to human behaviour. Warm colours can provide a soothing and hospitable ambience while cool shades can provide a serene retreat from the hassle of city life.

Dark Shades can make the space feel confined. It does, however, have its advantages like hiding dirt and stains, especially in bathrooms where it’s much needed. Tiles can also create illusions of majestic spaces. Glossy tiles have deep reflective character while neutral tones like off-white and grey are best suited for contemporary spaces. If you want to play it simple, light shades are an optimal choice. They also give a deceptive look of a large space. You can greatly enhance your surroundings by choosing wisely.

Other deliberations

Besides just the appearance, slip and wear and tear are other important considerations. Since bathrooms are mostly wet, a routine test is a must to judge the structure of the tile before setting it up.