Benefits of Gaming for Entrepreneurs 

Business and gaming may seem like they are world’s apart from each other, but there are actually some great benefits of diving into this world as an entrepreneur. This article will explore some of the best reasons you should discover your inner child and yield a shield in a fantasy world! 

Stress Relief and A Winning Mindset

One of the biggest benefits of gaming for entrepreneurs is stress relief. As a business owner, it can be extremely difficult to switch off from work, and it’s not unusual to bring work home with you. Although it’s hard to do in practice, a line should be drawn between your work time and your home life, and sometimes, gaming is a great way to lose yourself and really live in the moment. Let’s explore this even further. 

Gaming promotes the release of dopamine, which is a hormone that, when we experience gratification, leads us to want more. It goes back to caveman days when the struggle of getting food was very real, but when our hairy ancestors did manage to land a prize, dopamine would be released giving them the drive to go out and hunt their next meal. 

So, as well as the stress relief of gaming, whenever you experience a win on a game, dopamine is released. This feel good hormone gives you a great sense of achievement, and will last in your system for a few days, giving you great drive to achieve other goals that make you feel great. So, it’s scientifically very good for your business too! 


It’s easy to get lost in your business and have very little time for anyone or anything outside of it. However, gaming opens up a whole new world of connections and is no longer the solitary affair it used to be. Many games now allow you to play in conjunction with other users while you chat to them. It’s a great way to make new friends and open up new interests outside of work.

You’d also be surprised by the range of people who play games, and business connections can even be made while in your online world!

Getting Started

If you’re new to gaming, you probably aren’t sure what you need to buy. Well, a computer powerful enough to run the games is the main pre requisite. Lenovo gaming laptops are a great choice for most people as they have such a great range to choose from. Aside from that you can simply purchase your first game or gaming subscription and get playing! 

Gaming is no longer a teenage habit but a multi-million dollar industry that promotes fun, stress relief and connection. It’s a fantastic way to re-engage your mind with something other than work and live in the moment. Mindfulness (being present) is hugely important in mental health battles, as most depression comes from living in the past, whilst anxiety stems from worrying about the future, and so gaming is a great way to help battle through any mental health struggles you may have also.