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Best Mold Testing in Alexandria, VA

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About Mold testing in Alexandria, VA

When your house suspects mold growth, you should take the help of Carpet Cleaning Alexandria for a mold inspection. Their inspectors are certified, highly skilled, and experienced in the mold testing service profession; they work with high speed for eradication. Remediation, before it grows out of control, can save you thousands of dollars. Their inspection process initiates work to get back to you a cleaner, healthier and mold-free environment.

How does it work?

Step 1: Schedule an appointment-

The first and foremost step is to inform with environmental support coordinator about your indoor issue. They will answer all your doubts about how to handle and get rid of them. They will set an appointment with a certified mold inspector. After that, the team will come for a visit to your house for checking. They will collect the sample for data generation of the report.

Step 2: Mold inspection-

The inspector will perform the environmental inspection using a thermal imaging meter and moisture meter analysis of the presence of mold in air or surface checked.   A potential red signal will determine its growth and up to what level it has spread.

Step 3: Lab test report-

After the collected sample, the data is sent to a third-party laboratory. Under a certified chain of custody, the report will be produced. The senior inspector analyzes the result of the report.

Mold testing inspection

Inspection by the companies is strongly recommended under certain circumstances like:

1. When you need to know if your house suspects mold growth and the growth is invisible to your eyes.

2. For mold remediation, you required official documentation of mold growth.

If mold is found during the inspection

If the inspection reveals any mold issue in-home, they’ll take samples from different areas depending upon the presence of mold.

  • They will collect samples from the air or a surface where mold growth is suspecting to happen.
  • The air sample is also collected as a control sample.
  • They send the collected samples to the laboratory.
  • After few days, the reports will be received with the test results.
  • If you want your report as soon as possible, it can be done by paying additional fees.
  • The senior mold inspector will review the final report.
  • According to the reported mold remediation process to be followed.

When to hire a mold inspection

  • When you find heath issues.
  • When your house suffers from water damage problems.
  • Under visible growth of mold
  • Real estate transaction
  • Legal reasons for documentation
  • For peace  of mind that you are living in a mold-free environment
  • Mold remediation clearance
  • Buying a property

Why is mold inspection important?

Living in a house with mold can invite numerous dangerous diseases. Those diseases can include symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and swelling of the throat. The condition mostly shows respiratory tract symptoms.

Before continuing further, let’s get to know what mold is. First, mold is defined by fungal growth, which can develop in the wet material place. Mold plays an important role in nature as it breaks down dead and decays organic matter.

Mold inspection process

During the process, their inspectors carefully inspect the interior environment with the help of advanced equipment. They look for a sign of mold growth in the interior walls water damaged areas.

They use a thermal imaging camera or moisture meter to find hidden mold growing on wet surfaces. If a suspected mold issue is found, a potential red signal will be shown in the meter. 

In the next step, mold presence under the sink, around the doors and windows of the kitchen, rooms, or bathrooms will be checked.

If mold issue in the major and minor amount found what next-

  • When the specialist discovers any issue, whether it is major or minor, first, he or she will inform his client to take further steps.
  • If the issue is minor, the analyst will recommend few suggestions only about how to keep mold growth in control.
  • If the issue is a major one, one generic report will be produced. With written remediation, the estimate will be shown to clients, and if he or she agrees, the further process will continue under the supervision of experts.

Consequences of not hiring mold inspecting team

Recent studies according to medicine show that breathing in air containing spores of the fungus can lead to serious health symptoms. Its consequences are dangerous, mainly for young and elderly individuals as well as patients with pre-existing conditions. So these kinds of issues should be handled with professional and experienced mold inspector specialists.      

Mold Testing in Alexandria, VA, and its network can serve all environmental testing issues, including mold inspection, bio-contaminant chemical testing, water testing, allergen, and pesticide testing.