Best supports in Dota 2: Warlock , Shadow Shaman and Chen

Best supports to boost MMR in Dota 2: Chen, Shadow Shaman, and Warlock

If you love to play dota 2 but you prefer more macro gaming, then you need to play as supports. In the current Dota 2 meta, the best supports to pick are Shadow Shaman and Warlock. Chen after rework is not clear, but his potential is looking pretty awesome.

Longer average game time means that your team needs those heroes who could annihilate anyone in the late stages of a game. Laning phase is not so important now, and that is why defensive supports are coming back to the meta.

Never forget that the Dota 2 always evolving and heroes that now in trends maybe not so popular in the future patchs. So never blindly follow these guides during MMR boosting in Dota 2.

Warlock – chains and mass stun

warlock dota 2

Warlock was always incredibly impactful champion who could bring a lot of troubles to the enemy team. He has a lot of unpleasant abilities that prevent enemies from stacking as 5 man army and an incredibly long cast range. Two strong disables and incredible outcoming damage with the just one spell. So if enemies have not some disabler with the gap-closing tool like a blink or a charge then the Warlock is the go-to hero.

Shadow Shaman and his snake totems

shadow shaman dota 2

Do I really need to explain to you why Shadow Shaman is one of the best supports in Dota 2? Ether Shock could be used as a pushing tool but it is also very effective as a harassing spell. Hex is an instant disable that could not be broken with any item or ability, and the net that will hold you for almost 4 seconds. And never forget about Ultimate that is just unbreakable, if enemies do not have any illusionists. The recent little nerf decreased his Attack Speed a little, but it will only affect the earliest stages of the game.

Chen – the father of jungle creeps

The Chen was reworked twice in the last two patchs, but was it good or was it bad? Players who love to control creeps will rejoice with the latest changes. Because now you could have incredibly powerful creeps (thanks to the attack damage bonus) and the Penitence. So you will dominate at the early and mid stages of the game.

chen dota 2

But the passive Chen players will be not as good as before. From the one side, additional regeneration will help your carry to stand against aggressive lanes, but the additional damage was the extremely important factor as well. So I cannot say right now if he now is stronger or weaker, but I think that we will see the changes in dotabuff trends in the nearest time.