Best Types of Marked Playing Cards

Seeing our topic of interest our curiosity about the topic keeps heightening up and we, of course, want to feed our curious minds! So, without further delay let’s get ourselves aware of.

What is card marking and what are marked cards?

Card marking is basically the process of altering or making changes on the playing cards to make our card play a smooth and controlled game. Basically the intention to cheat or trick people watching you and thus amuse them in the process. It sure is one effective cheating method and works very well for a conspirator.

The playing cards as a result of the card marking process or we can say going through some trickery refinement are then named as Marked Playing Cards. These cards can be used to track people by the magicians or are also used by poker players in poker games to amuse people.

There are a lot of ways to mark a card but the most common seam technique is marking the back of the particular card and thus making other cheating very effective.

Following are the types of Marked Cards available on sale according to different marking techniques you can choose from them which type of marked cards is best:

  • Ultimate Marked Cards: Ultimate Marked Cards, very well known as traditional marked cards because these poker cheat cards are processed by using traditionally visible marking ways. They have visible markings on them which are made directly by slight changes on the card. Few common ways by which an Ultimate marked card is manufactured are:
  1. Block-out: It is a way of marking in which the pattern on the back of the card is covered using the colour on the back of the card.
  2. Cut-out: It is the way of marking in which something is added or removed from the pattern on the back of the card using a sharp blade or any such sharp object i.e., knife.
  3. Tinting: It is the way of marking which is very similar to that of the blackout the only difference being instead of covering the whole pattern here the pattern is made to have a little difference in the colours.

Do the markings on the card are very visible in the ultimate marked cards? It gets very difficult for the player to observe the card if not thoroughly revised the marks can be missed or concealed. But still, these cards are a great deal for amusement!

  • Invisible Ink Marked Cards: Recently in the past years, Invisible Ink Marked Cards have been used widely in poker gambling games. As the name suggests the cards are invisible or the markings on the cards are invisible to the naked eye. They look exactly like a regular playing card. As they have been made by different technologies there are different devices used to play using them and be the winner!. These are available at MARKED CARDS POKER online shop.

Shop online and get one of these Decks of marked playing cards that are on sale and available at a reasonable price. Be the source of fun and amusement be it a party or your house!