Calculate the appropriate premium you should go for by using the Term Plan Premium Calculator

Term Insurance: What Is It?

A term life insurance policy guarantees that, in the event of the policyholder’s passing, within the policy term, the nominee will receive a certain amount of money. This low-cost life insurance policy is highly beneficial because it provides your dependent family members with financial support. In this way, they might have financial security even in the event of your unexpected death. The typical policy length offered by Indian insurance companies ranges from 5 to 40 years.

What is a term plan premium calculator?

A term insurance calculator is a tool you may use online to determine the amount of coverage required based on your needs. The calculator is easy to use and is quite beneficial if you want to buy a term insurance policy. You only need to enter a few data points when using the term plan premium calculator. The calculator will then inform you of the amount of coverage needed to fully safeguard your family. Additionally, it suggests the top plans provided by various insurance companies at once, which will provide you with a good choice of plans to opt from.

How to Use the Term Plan Premium calculator?

You can determine how much life insurance you should have with the simple-to-use term insurance calculator. Your input into this tool has a significant impact on the outcomes, which are based on things like:

Your Age: According to recognized age proof certificates like Aadhaar, PAN, etc., this is your current age which the calculator will require to give you the desired premium for term insurance plans.

Desired Retirement Age: Although 60-62 years of age is typically thought of as the age of retirement for salaried workers, you may choose to retire earlier or later based on your life goals.

Existing Life Cover: The term insurance calculator can assist you in determining how much additional life cover you require if you already have a term plan or regular life insurance policy in force.

Annual Income: The calculator can predict how much money your loved ones and dependents will need to ensure financial security in the event of your untimely death using the information about your annual income.

Existing Loan Information: Please submit information on any outstanding home loans and other loans’ EMIs that you pay each month so that it can better comprehend your current obligations. Your current outstanding liabilities are these loans.

Current Savings: If you have a sizable amount saved up, your dependents are more likely to be secure financially in the event of your untimely death. Therefore, the calculator factors in your present funds before determining how much life insurance you could need.

The term plan premium calculator will produce the following result using the information you provided above:

Insurance Cover: Based on your present income, liabilities, age, and anticipated retirement age, the calculator will fetch the expected total or supplementary life insurance coverage that you will need.

You will also receive a brief list of term insurance plans from top insurers, along with the annual premium payment required for each plan, in addition to the information regarding life insurance.

This way, you will see a number of premium term insurance plans suitable for your desired details and benefits. All that you will need to do is carefully select the desired package and follow through. 

We hope that this article has beneficially helped you in selecting your requisite term insurance plan through the use of the term plan premium calculator.