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Caring for Pools in Summer

Pools are usually the busiest in the summer. It is understandable because we all want that soothing feel of the water on our skin away from the heat. To make your pool accessible throughout the summer, you should consider periodic maintenance. Whether DIY or you want to call in a pool repair service, here are some tips.

  • Vacuum Your Pool:

It is easier for swimming pools to accumulate debris in summer. Particles in the air and ones from your body can rest in a pool. So, it is important to schedule periodic vacuuming for your pool. A weekly vacuum routine is best. You should also check your vacuum filter and clean it out to ensure it is working well.

For debris that clings to the pool, whether caked or not, you must brush them off so your vacuum cleaner can catch them.

  • Repair Leaks:

Report leaks in your pool or piping system to your repair person promptly to avoid costly repairs. Perform a floatation test to check for leaks by placing a half-filled bucket in the pool, marking the water levels inside and outside, and observing any changes over a few days. If the outside level goes down more, there is a leak, and you should call a professional. Early detection of piping leaks can save you money as they are easier to fix.

  • Ensure Appropriate Water Levels:

In summer, pools are likely to dry out more. Having a water level less than the recommended level can toggle the chemical balance in the water, which may become unsafe or cause the breeding of foreigners like algae.

  • Clean Pool Filter:

You should periodically clean your filter. Remove and clean the filter from the cartridge and the cartridge itself. Do it more frequently in summer than at other times.

Many folks abandon their pools and would only remember to care for them in the ‘heat of the moment,’ pun intended. That doesn’t have to be you, as you can prepare your pool for summer by calling a pool repair service and maintenance team to come to check.