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Carpet Squares for home users

Floors always make a prominent attractive impact on every visit; according to the research  floors always leave the first impression on viewers. So if you have paid lots of attention to your house’s interiors like trendy chairs, comfy sofa and aesthetic walls but neglected your floors, all of the efforts might go in vain. For this reason, people are paying more and more attention to the floors and their types then a few decades back.

Interior decorators and competent service providers always advise you to select floor types among other decoration decisions so that would match and contrast with the complete theme of your room.

Selecting a particular type of floor for home is never a natural choice you may have to go through many ifs and buts. For instance, a level at home should be according to your lifestyle, then if you have kids then the floor must be able to resist rough and tough stains. It should be durable, less prone to accidents and before all that it should be under your budget. Many flooring types are famous among people for their beauty and many for their practicality. Carpet Tiles or carpet squares are among the types of floors which are not only practical and beneficial but also aesthetic and blissful.

What are the Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles (as the name shows) are tiles with carpet swatches pasted on its upper surface. Before some time, these tiles were available only in standard square shape. But now they are available in different sizes and shapes according to the buyer’s needs. Carpet Tiles are a popular choice for both commercial and homeowners, and also considered as a contemporary style of floorings.

Carpets squares have given a new look to the old type of carpets and made it the more colorful and bright choice for floors.  Those who want to get benefits of carpets and floors together, these squares are a blessing for those people.

Among its non-ending benefits few are:

Easy installation:

Carpet tiles are easy to install the product. They come in three types with regards to installation, and all are very easy. You can install them yourself at your place. Floors take days and days to install and are able to use again, but carpet tiles only take a few hours, not much effort needed. Carpet tiles are generally pre-backed. All you have to do is clean the subfloor, put adhesive material on tiles and lay it down on the floor. Pre-backed tiles even don’t need adhesive materials.


Flooring is available in a few standard styles and designs, but carpet tiles don’t. All you have to think and you will find that style, shape, and color in carpet tiles. For every room, you can choose different tiles.

Design of your choice:

When they are available in hundreds of different styles, colors and patterns, and you can also install them yourself. Then what can be the best option for your creativity to flow in your hands? Keep everything aside and let your hands work according to your taste of style and creativity. Design your room according to your wish. Take different shades of black and put them together like checkerboard, or take different colors and make your children place fun, bright and cheerful. How about random colors and styles and turn your teen’s room into something funky and unique.

Easy maintenance:

Not only designing is an easy task, but modular tiles are also easy to maintain and clean. A vacuum a day will keep your tiles fresh for a long time. In any case, if the tile gets damaged, all you have to do is change that particular tile with a new one.


Modular tiles are durable and long-lasting as compared to many other floors. They give you both; benefits of the floor along with the comfort of carpet.

Cost-effective choice:

Carpet tiles are a cost-effective solution for your home. Not only tiles are not too expensive, but you will also save money for installation services and maintenance in the long run.

Let’s put it together:

Carpet tiles are the best choice for people with a contemporary lifestyle. Also, if you are looking for making your floors a unique decorative product – nothing can serve you better than these carpet tiles.