Cbd oil’s health benefits for the skin: Can it help acne, anti-aging & others?

Cbd oil is being sold in skin care products, for everything from acne and wrinkles. Are there any health benefits? Or is it marketing hype. These are the cbd facts and figures you need to be aware of.

What does cbd oil look like?

Cbd (also known under the name cannabidiol), or cannabis-derived non-toxic substance, is also called hemp and marijuana. The powder form of cbd is mixed with an oil such as coconut, olive or hemp to increase effectiveness.

Because cbd oil does not have the mind-altering properties found in marijuana, its use in skin care isn’t likely to get you high. It is extracted by the hemp plant’s flowers, leaves and stalks.

It is important to remember that cbd oil is different from hemp seed oil. While they are sometimes marketed interchangeably, cbd oil is more concentrated in cannabidiol than hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil, however, only contains trace amounts.

Cbd products should be listed on ingredient labels for cbd-containing products. Cbd enriched hemp seed oils, for example, might be used as an alternative name on ingredient labels. To be sure, you can always ask the company about their product specification (called an assay).

Cbd oil for wrinkles & anti aging

Cbd oil is an extract of a plant. It’s no surprise that cbd oil has antioxidant properties. Cbd’s antioxidants can be applied to the skin to diminish the signs of ageing. Cbd anti-aging creams can visibly diminish wrinkles and dullen skin tones by counteracting free-radical damages and reducing inflammation.

There are many other antioxidants on the marketplace that can make the exact same statements, so cbd isn’t the only or “best” antioxidant to search for.

Cbd oil for sensitive skin

Cbd oil has been proven to have significant soothing qualities. Its strong skin-calming effect and skin-normalizing effects can help reduce skin irritations, such as redness or reactivity. Cbd’s soothing properties can help everyone keep their skin healthy, since all skin types are affected every day by environmental stressors.

How can you find the best cbd for skin care?

There are so many cbd skincare products to choose from, so make sure to research what to look out for. Here are some cbd tips for shopping:

It is important that you see “Cannabidiol’s” in every ingredient list. Like we said, other terms may not be inci-compliant.

Cbd skin products sell in large quantities. Many companies list the cannabidiol total content in milligrams. Other times, it may be further broken down by use. This is a good indicator that the cbd product has been tested and approved.

Ask the brand to confirm the cbd content and the stated amount.

Cbd skin products should be in stable packaging.

Some cbd brands promote their cbd as being “isolate”, fully spectrum, or wide spectrum. They are not all regulated, but they can help you distinguish.

Full range cbd refers all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant that are not contained in the cbd.

Broad range cbd has no thc. THC can be detected in full spectrum cbd oil but must not exceed 0.3% for it to be considered active.

The bottom line is: cbd oil can be beneficial for skin if it’s extracted within acceptable parameters. We’re excited to continue to learn about cbd oil and its potential skin benefits. We also anticipate cbd oil to be a major part of many people’s routines for skin care.