Clothing Essentials for Moving Into a Senior Living Community

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Getting older is an inevitable part of life. Whether you’re looking forward to aging or trying to stay young forever, there are definitely going to be adjustments once you reach the age of retirement. There’s a chance you may not be able to take care of your home and yourself in the same way you used to. In these scenarios, it may be time to explore options to move into a senior living facility to help ease some of the stress in your daily life.

As you prepare for a big move like this, you’re going to need a packing list of things to take with you. This may mean purging some of your old things while prioritizing the meaningful items from your life. Comfort should be one of your top priorities as you transition into senior living. Make sure you’re bringing the clothes you enjoy that make you feel comfy, cozy, and confident. Here are a few suggestions for items you’ll definitely want to include in your suitcase.

When should you take the step to move into senior living?


Before you start your packing list, you need to know that this move is right for you. Check in with your doctors and family members to see if you need extra assistance during your retirement years. You may also just be interested in a new sense of community in one of these locations. There are great spots across the country with specific amenities for you to explore. From the Menorah Park of CNY residential facility to a nursing home out in California, you can find the perfect place for you where you’ll feel comfortable and cared for.

Stay warm and cozy in nice sweaters.

For whatever reason, many senior living facilities can get quite cold. You’ll need to be prepared and ready to layer up with great sweaters. Have fun picking out festive looks for the holidays or go with a stylish black sweater that can be one of your go-to basics. Find materials that make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a hug while staying warm and cozy. You can still be stylish and amazing in senior living while you rock that fabulous sweater.

Pack the items that have sentimental value.

As you get into your 70s and 80s, you have a lot of memories and items from your life. If you have sentimental clothing, you’ll definitely want to bring that with you. Pack up the dress you wore on your first date with your husband or the tie that you wore when you interviewed for your dream job. Bring the memories with you as you pack your favorite clothing items.

Be ready to dress for dinner and activities.


Senior living facilities are full of activities and fun things to do. Make sure you’re bringing clothes that are appropriate for these events. If you plan to go out to eat at the restaurant each night, make sure you have a number of nicer outfits that fit the dining room aesthetic. While you may spend a lot of your time lounging around, you’ll also have opportunities to get dressed up and go out, so make sure you’re prepared for that.

Stock up on undergarments and bathing suits.

When it comes to clothing items, so many people forget about undergarments. Make sure you have plenty of those as you move into a new location. Especially if you’re going through any medical needs or will be requiring assistance from any nurses in the facility. You’ll also want to make sure you have accessories like bathing suits and bathrobes to keep you decent and comfortable if you ever need assistance with basic tasks.