Concerned about the digital tv tuning apps slowing down your PC

Concerned about the digital tv tuning apps slowing down your PC? Here are something to get clarified on…

Are you concerned about your PC slowing down? Is it that nagging issue that you have to deal with each time you open your laptop?

There are some reasons that you might not be knowing about the actual reason for this lagging on your PC or laptop.

And apart from the usual software and hardware issues, there is one more thing that is concerning and might not be known to you till this point.

This is a process called the ehPrivjob.exe.

This is the standard and the only process that a digital tv tuner device registration application will run at the back end each time you open the Windows Media Center.

So how come that one single thread or process is slowing the PC down? Does this mean that your Windows media Center software has some malware or virus in it?

And of course, last but not least how do you deal with the slowness of the PC?

We will give you all the answers to these questions. Make sure to stick right till the end as you will be getting some crucial information about the digital tv tuning apps.

Are the digital tv tuning apps playing a spoilsport in your PC slowing down?

So is the one single process of ehPrivjob.exe slowing down your PC?

You might be amazed to know that the answer is a yes.

Yes, the ehPrivjob.exe process has a bad name for it being one of the biggest memory users when it comes to using the system’s internal resources.

Not occurring normally but at times this Windows Media Center process that automatically runs in the back end will take up huge sections of memory.

The ehPrivjob.exe process has been known to store large temporary files in your memory thereby reducing the amount of free space. You will be shocked to hear but the largest memory consumption can go as high as 70% in this single process.

Does this point to a security issue with the digital tv tuners and their apps?

With such slowness of your PC becoming an issue you might wonder that the Windows Media Center software or specifically the ehPrivjob.exe process has some malware or virus in it.

But this is not the case.

There are in general no security issues with the process running at the back end.

It’s only that at times the digital tv tuner device registration app will create and store huge temporary files in the system memory and thereby the other apps and processes will not be getting enough system resources to run smoothly.

This memory consumption goes up to such an extent that it even triggers the antivirus software in your computer to think that this has malware or a virus in it.

Apart from the slowness of your PC your laptop or PC screen will be bombarded with security and warning messages about the ehPrivjob.exe process being the culprit.

What is the USP of a digital tv tuning app?

Ohh…we almost forgot to mention what is digital tv tuner device registration application.

For those of you who don’t have much time watching tv and are constantly wandering from one place to another for work or other issues, it is the digital tv tuner device registration application that allows you to watch the premium tv channels live on your laptop.

So you can always carry your laptop with you and use it for seeing the live tv channels on your laptop screen.

The digital tv tuning apps start automatically when it is installed on your computer and each time you start your PC or laptop. It scans your system for digital cable tuners and pairs them manually so that you can watch thetv channels from your laptop.

So what should you do in the end?

In a one-liner, if you are not fond of watching tv channels on your laptop or PC then it better to uninstall the digital tv tuner device registration application.

And if you do watch tv channels sometimes then during other work you will have to manually force stop the ehPrivjob.exe process.

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