Different theories say about the reflexology massage therapy

Some of the theories are there for how to things performing with reflexology. This is a kind of massage along with the pressures which help the patient to get out of tightness and stress in the body. To make this reflexology massage therapy San Antonio very clear we need to look after some of the traditional Chinese way of reflexology and the other theories to make this treatment.

In this first we are going to look after the traditional medicinal ways for reflexology, this is rest on the belief of an ancient Chinese vital energy. This vital energy is referred to as qi in the Chinese language. According to this vial energy belief, the energy passes from one person to the other when they highly do the pressure on the person who is filled with stress their fresh energy enters and changed them to a good mood.

This systematically causes an imbalance in the patient’s body and that may lead to the illness recovery. This particular thing aims to keep the vital energy flows through the body and keep the organ balances and it makes to free up the diseases. In the terms of Chinese medicine, the different body parts have corresponded with different pressure points for the body levels. The person who does this therapy uses the maps to give the determined pressure energy that they have to apply to it. They strongly believe that their touches help to make the patients better and the energy flows healing the patients at any level.

Theories about reflexology:

The British scientist during the 1890s had found that the nerves can connect with the skin and the internal organs as well. Then they found that the body’s nerve system can tend to adjust with both inside and outside factors as well, which includes touching. In that formula, the touch of the reflexologist can help to control the nerve system which promotes relaxation and gives the other benefits as well in the form of massage.

Other theories say that the brain only creates all the pain which subjective to the experience in the body. This sometimes reacts to the pain in physical ways and the other case, they may create the pain that responds to the emotional and mentally distressing. Where some of them believe that the touches are one of the mental inducing to create positive energy of trusting themselves that due to this pressure their body will react and ease out of pain.

After this we have to know about the zone theory which explains the belief of reflexology, this theory helps to bold that the body contains ten vertical zones and each will helps the different body parts that corresponding to the particular toes and the fingers. People who study or learned under this zone theory say that the touch or pressure on the fingers helps to access everybody’s parts in a particular way for getting out of the pain.

At the end note whatever theories and explanations come for this reflexology, it is a fact that this helps better for some of the basic diseases without inhaling any kind of drugs that works better for the people who are under sufferings for years.