Different Types Of Ball Screws And Its Application

A ball screw is a mechanical actuator. It is used to convert rotational motion to linear motion with less friction. It comprises a steel ball, a screw shaft, a ball nut, a seal, and a return tube. These are used to operate machines, aircraft, and robots, and for industrial work.  The low friction resistance makes it perfect for factory machines and automobile use. 

There are different types of ball screws available and have different applications. All the ball screws are available in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a trusted ball screw-like Ball Screw MTF [บอลสกรู MTF, which is the term in Thai] will provide the customer with a wider choice to select from. Here are some common types of ball screws:

Heavy-Duty Ball Screw

It is capable of large axial loads and can be used for heavy-duty mechanical operations. The Heavy-duty ball screw is used mainly in the electrical industry, air compressors, and manufacturing devices. 

High-Speed Ball Screw

It has high acceleration, high rigidity, low vibration, and low noise feature which makes it suitable for high-speed cutting purposes. This makes it useful in marble-cutting and stone-shaping machines. 

The Cooled Ball Screw

The high-precision machine running part is the cooled ball screw. It is also used for speed-oriented machines. Multiple industries like manufacturing, construction, and automobile parts-making machines use this type of ball screw for more precision and speed.

Self-Lubricating Ball Screw

This is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of oiling parts. Self-lubricating ball screw comes with a detachable oil device. The self-lubricating screw ball saves oil wastage and makes it a hassle-free option to be used in machines.

Silent Ball Screw

Creating space between the balls and restraining them from collision helps makes this type of ball screw a noise-free option. It is one of the best screwballs as it is completely noise free. The ball spacers also enhance the working of the ball screw making it more smooth and more efficient.

Nut Rotating Ball Screw

It uses the ball nuts and ball screws to convert the linear motion to rotation. And this integration makes it the perfect semiconductor for machines, robots, woodworking equipment, and laser-processing machinery. 

There is a wide variety of screwballs available in the market and different types of energy conversion devices are specialized in different industries. Depending on the work and the nature of the industry, suitable ball screws must be picked up. It is a great, highly efficient method to convert rotary motion to linear motion. It is durable equipment for machines that needs to change less frequently. Multiple brands are offering a wide variety of ball screws but always choose a trusted brand like Ball Screw MTF for better performance.