Do You Want to Clean Your Oil Painting? Here are Few Tips

Cleaning your oil painting without compromising its appearance or spoiling the surface is a very important skill. Oil paintings of Lana Zueva will need a bit more care while handling, cleaning, and also keeping them in optimal condition.

What are the different signs that your oil painting needs Cleaning?

An oil painting that you buy from Lana Zueva online painting shop will be made from the most versatile used medium called oil paint. All these paintings can easily last for centuries, however, like everything, they are also subjected to aging.

Its surface can accumulate mould, dust, grime, and can get stained. The following are the signs that you must look for before deciding to clean your oil painting:

  • Discoloration.
  • A dull look
  • Moulds
  • Layers of grime or dirt

Now that you have decided to clean your oil paintings onyour own then let us know how to do it.

  • Always do a certain patch test

Before you jump into cleaning the painting, you must do a patch test. Perform your cleaning procedure on a small part of your painting and just wait for 1 to 2 minutes to see the reaction. If no reaction is found, then you can go ahead with your technique.

  • Turn on your lights

Use sufficient lighting when you are cleaning any oil painting on the canvas. Preferably, use the natural light source.

  • Be as slow as a snail

For cleaningthe surface of oil paintings, you must be deliberate while approaching them. Youroil painting surface is very delicate and if you use too much pressure then dry brushing may cause your paint to get off.

  • Save your painting from the sun exposure

Always keep your painting away from exposure to direct sunlight because sun rays will degrade your painting surface.UV rays can always cause certain discoloration, flaking, and also speed up their aging. If it needs to hang your painting where sunlight is present, then you must frame your painting with any UV-resistant glass.

  • Keep it away from smoke

The presence of smoke near your painting can damage permanently your oil painting. Any kind of smoke, whether from cigarettes or from the kitchen may stain your painting and alter its properties.

  • Frame it

The best way to preserve your painting after it is cleaned will be to frame it.Your framed painting will remain safe against dust, indoor pollutants, or other external factors.

  • Ask the experts

Any professional art conservator would be better in a position to clean and also restore your costly oil painting.

Among all other mediums, oil painting is the most versatile kind of medium. No wonder most artists like Lana Zueva full time painting artist and also many other artists prefer it. A well-maintained oil painting will not show any signs of aging. Not likemany other mediums, a well-maintained painting made by using oil will last forever!

So, if you are considering a portrait painting, then we suggest to invest inoil paintings.