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Enjoy Your Backyard With A Mosquito Control Service

Most homeowners with a beautiful backyard or garden property love nature. After all, much of the point of having these spaces is possessing a chance to relax in a natural setting at any point. Or at least that’s what people usually imagine when they start to cultivate such an environment. In reality there’s one pressing issue which usually makes its way into the discussion. Nature is usually a mix of good and bad. People cultivate natural areas to ensure that only those good qualities are encountered. But some of the worst parts of nature have a tendency to sneak into areas they’re not wanted. And mosquitos are chief among these problems.

At the same time people are often at a loss about what can actually be done to fight mosquitos. They often seem to simply appear out of nowhere. However, it’s important to keep in mind that mosquitos are as natural as any other insect. And much like other pests they can be controlled. In fact, a mosquito control service can usually keep mosquito populations at bay.

The process will usually begin by first contacting the mosquito control service. From this point the service will usually send out a representative to take a look at one’s property. It’s important to keep in mind that they probably won’t be ready to actually tackle the problem just yet. In general they’ll probably want to assess just how much they’ll be able to do.

One can anticipate some of this in advance though. One of the biggest considerations is stagnant or nearly stagnant water. For example, one might have a very slow moving creek near his or her property. This type of nearly stagnant water will serve as a continual source of new mosquitoes. As such it makes the control process considerably more difficult.

Another big issue with the control process will come from ponds and pools. Koi or fish ponds are a particularly difficult issue. This is because they depend on cultivating wildlife. But at the same time pesticides center on disrupting the life process of mosquitoes. And there’s only so much which can be done to narrow it down to a single insect species.

Thankfully it’s usually far easier to control for something like a fish pond than it would be for a creek. To begin with, a fish pond isn’t stagnant. The fish themselves are usually enough to control a mosquito population directly in the water. The only remaining concern at that point is keeping the life in the pond safe. Safeguarding the pond is usually as easy as just having a tarp set up over it during the pesticide application. Another aspect of safeguarding life is to keep kids safe. Any toys left in the yard during pesticide application can become covered. As such one should ensure that any yard toys or games are removed before the pesticides are used.

Of course this gets into the heart of the control process. What happens when the actual chemical application begins? There are usually two phases to this control process. The first stage uses a pesticide to eliminate the adult mosquitos. As noted with the creeks, it’s impossible to fully prevent entry to new mosquitos. As such the control experts will usually use a secondary form of control in addition to the pesticide.

The secondary treatment consists of an agent which can inhibit mosquito growth. This will essentially prevent new mosquitoes from hatching. For example, consider the case of a mosquito who comes into one’s yard after the treatments. She might lay eggs on foliage. But in doing so the growth inhibitors still on the plant will ensure those eggs never mature. And finally, all of this will allow one to finally enjoy the backyard again.