Facts about Filing Car Accident Claim in San Diego

In case you have got hurt in a car, motorcycle, or even a truck accident, you only have a limited time within which you need to file your claim. A motorcycle accident attorney in San Diego will help you with the entire process of filing a claim in case you have been caught in a motorcycle accident. For truck accidents, it is prudent that you take the help of a good truck accident attorney in San Diego.

In fact, there are several car accident attorney in San Diego.  They help you to file your claims in a systematic and speedy manner. If you do not file an accident claim within a stipulated time period, you will lose the opportunity to get the deserving settlement amount.

Process to File Car Accident Claim

 The first step in any kind of accident is the exchange of insurance details. This is all the more important in case you are not the one who is to be held responsible for the accident. Also, if you are to be blamed partly for the accident, you will still be able to get some damages due to shared fault/ comparative negligence law.

It is vital to notify the officials about the accident within a span of 10 days in case if anyone got killed or seriously injured or in case the accident causes loss of property for a sum of more than $1000. Just bear in mind that reporting the accident to the insurance company is not the same thing as suing for the damages. It is vital to file a suit in the court of law if at all, the insurance company or the responsible party does not agree to pay for the damages that have occurred.

Lack of Insurance Cover

In case you are the innocent party in an accident, you can file for a claim with the insurer of the other party. The accident lawyer will help you file the claim against the insurance cover of the other person. Always go for a reputed law firm, as this will help you receive a larger settlement. These law firms are fully aware of minute details related to the case and act to ensure maximum benefit for you.

They basically deal with accident claim cases on an everyday basis. Due to their experience, they make sure that you get exactly what you deserve. An experienced, as well as efficient lawyer, will enable you to find your way through a tricky claim.

Time Duration for Filing of claim

For road accident, you can sue for injuries within six months of the accident. For property damage, you have a span of three years to file for the damages. Just make sure that you get in touch with a good attorney

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