First Timer’s Guide to Renting Storage Sydney

If you have a lot of extra stuff laying around your home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit.  No matter if you are only looking for a temporary storage situation while you are moving or are looking to find a long term storage solution due to downsizing, when you rent a storage unit, you have the perfect solution for all of your storage needs.  They are not only secure, but they are also very convenient and easy to find as well.  As if that weren’t enough, most storage unit facilities are going to offer you a wide variety of different unit sizes and other related services to help you stay within your budget and meet all of your needs.  Here is everything that you need to know about renting a storage unit if you have never done it before and consider yourself to be a ‘first-timer’.

Different Types of Storage

When it comes to determining the best type of self storage Sydney for your individual needs, you are going to need to consider the two different storage options that are available to you.

Full-Service Storage:  With a full-service storage facility, you are going to be getting a ‘valet-style’ of service.  What this means, is that the storage facility is going to come and pick up all of your belongings, and then deliver them to the storage facility for you.  As if that weren’t enough, many of these full-service storage facilities will also allow you to request and schedule a return or a pick-up form the convenience of your smartphone Essentially, when you hire a full-service storage company, you are basically going to be taking out all of the hassle of having to deliver all of your possessions to the actual storage unit.  As an added bonus, many of the full-service storage companies will document and take pictures of all the items that you have in storage.  What this does, is to help you know what you have in your unit if you are unable to remember for whatever reason.

Self-Storage:  Being one of the more popular options available to you, this is going to be when you do everything by yourself.  The facility is going to provide you with a secure, safe and affordable way for you to store the belongings that you would like to keep outside of your home, as well as some of the much larger items that you may have, such as a boat.  With these types of storage units, you are the one who is going to be in charge of delivering and storing your units into the storage unit.  Whenever you are ready to pick up your items, you will then be in charge of going to the storage unit and packing up whatever it is that you require.  Unlike a full-service storage company, with the self-storage model, you are going to be the one who will need to document all of your belongings if you wish to do so.