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General Characteristics On Wooden Pallets

When we talk about storage and industrial shelving, we often mention palletizing, or we treat pallet storage. That is why today we are going to focus on the article about this type of handling unit: the wooden pallet and its general characteristics. More information here.

General Characteristics On Wooden Pallets

The pallets are a platform of tables for storing and transporting goods: It is the cargo handling unit most used for both transport and storage of goods.  

The pallet is internationally recognized as a support for the load unit because:

  • It facilitates the handling of the goods.
  • It allows wrapping the set with a polyethylene cover.
  • Several pallets can be stacked for storage or transport.

The wood of all kinds is used when manufacturing wood pallets. However, the most widespread is pine wood because it is very resistant. However, there are also plastic pallets, metal pallets or paper, and cardboard pallets on the market.

The quality of the pallets depends in no small extent on the material with which they are manufactured. It must be taken into account that when they are used for continuous use and with hefty loads, it is logical to use resistant wooden pallets.

Types Of Wooden Pallets

  • Pallet Of Four Entries: This type of pallet allows the forks of the means of handling train on all four sides.
  • Pallet With Four Entrances And With Lower Floor: These pallets have lower tables that allow having a complete square.
  • Pallet Of Two Entrances: This type of pallet allows the entrance of the forks of the manipulation medium on two sides.
  • Double floor pallet.
  • Simple floor pallet.
  • Reversible Pallet: It is the pallet that has a second surface by which it can be loaded, either one side or the other.