Getting the Best Package Out of Your Hosting Company

If you have seen or had customers complain about your website seemingly to run slow, perhaps you need to change your website hosting plan or the company that is hosting your website. You might need to think about getting your website placed on a server that is dedicated. And you also need to look into getting more bandwidth.

Dedicated server

There are many hosting services that often-put blogging sites on a server with a company’s website – the difference with a dedicated server is that server with be dedicated only to your website. You need to look for cheap 1Gbps dedicated servers from a hosting company where cheap means “good price” not cheap machine.

Problems not-dedicated server

There are a few problems that switching to dedicated server can resolve. A few of these problems include:

  • High resolution image load time;
  • Problems with any videos on auto-play;
  • Server crashes bring you website down.

All of these can hurt the reliability and professionalism of your brand which can have serious effects on your business. Using a hosting service that can give you a dedicated server and can do it cheaply is something you need to look at.


Bandwidth is another problem that you might want to look at with a dedicated server. You will usually get the most bandwidth and you will ever need with a 1Gbps dedicated server plan. And any reputable hosting service can offer you other customized option that cater to any high traffic demands that your company website might have.

Hosting company

If you are with a hosting company that will not work with you on a cheap dedicated server with the bandwidth that you need to run your business, there are plenty of hosting companies that will work with you.