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Growing Vegetables And Planning Your Greenhouse 


If you need a pastime, one wonderful option is to grow vegetables in your garden. Making greenhouses of glass allows people living in the UK to plant leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbages or salad crops like mibuna or mustard leaf. In an unheated greenhouse, one could grow varieties of root crops including carrots, beets, radishes, and many varieties of onions. 

Small is Good and Efficient

You don’t need much space to have a functional greenhouse. A typical greenhouse needs 6×8 feet space but one could make them wider if one wants bigger benches. The best material is aluminum or natural wood such as treated cedar. Two important aspects to consider are light transmission and heat efficiency. Choice of the glazing material plays an important role in determining the heat efficiency and life of the glasshouse. 

Use Heat-Efficient Material

Glass is traditional but polycarbonate is more efficient at retaining heat. Click here to get more information on the various options there are with the greenhouse building service providers. You can get valuable information from them while constructing your garden shed. For instance, one doesn’t need a building permit if the shed is smaller than 200 square feet. And, you must treat cedar wood before using it to protect it from insect attack and rot. 

Plan the Heat Flow and Retention 

One easy, inexpensive way to keep your greenhouse warm during winter is to use a heat sink. But, on occasions, the greenhouse might get too hot just as it gets too cold, which is why you need to install a ventilation system. A heat sink is an object that absorbs heat during the day and releases it when the temperatures drop. Though they are popular choices, it is better to avoid the use of dirt or gravel floors as they do not stop the seepage of heat from the greenhouse. 

Choice of vegetables to grow

One could also opt for peas or broad beans as they are quite hardy but if the weather gets too cold, one should cover them with fleece. If you want to eat radish in the autumn, plant some seeds now since they take only a couple of weeks to mature. Another fast-growing crop that grows well in moist and cool conditions is turnip. You can harvest this crop in six weeks. 

Ideal Width of the Greenhouse

Choose 8 feet width for your greenhouse if you practice gardening as a hobby. For those who want to raise crops on a commercial scale, a width of 20 feet or over will do fine. To grow your vegetables for personal use, anything from 10 feet to 18 will do. Typically, a 3 feet bench on either side of a 5-8 feet long aisle with a bench will suffice for growing turnips and flowering shrubs. 

Tips to Improve Heat Retention

Twin wall glass is better than single pane glass because it retains heat better. And, twin wall polycarbonate is better than glass is cheaper but it does have some issues. Consult your greenhouse service provider to find out more details. Another easy way to improve heat retention is to use black pots for your plants. But, do not use dark frames as they will take away the much-needed warmth from your plants.