How good leadership can bring about a radical transformation in your company

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes.” truly said Peter Drucker, an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author.

When there is a worthy and capable leader at the center of an organization it can radically bring about a transformation and produce excellent results. Which some might think was not even possible. But good leadership can do it and lead the company in the very right direction, no matter what space they are by deploying various measures. For instance, we can take a look at Gary Ng Toronto resident, who doesn’t come from a very wealthy background. But Gary Ng had work very hard for a long time and has taken a substantial amount of effort to be where he is today. It was his leadership skills that have earned him his name and position today.

So here is how good leadership can bring about a radical transformation in your company

Create a sense of urgency and then maintain it for the long haul:

Under the helm of good leadership, a sense of urgency will bring about productivity and change. For that change, a leader can bring about a change that will call everyone to action. By guiding the coalition and actively becoming involved in the process will generate short term as well as long term wins.

Unearthing Hidden assumptions and belief:

Leaders can help in examining beliefs that tend to control an organization and if such belief prevents bringing about meaningful change then such belief should be changed as soon as possible. Apart from this, if there is a hierarchy, status, authority, and control which is unstated it can result in assumptions and behaviors that are out of date, unhelpful, and not necessary. This can hamper in progressing the stated goals and strategic direction.

Put governance and management in place:

Leaders are very crucial when it comes to policy formulation or establishing a Governance Body/Guiding Coalition which is made to look after and polish the strategies. As a good leader, by putting in inclusive efforts and various programs

leaders engenders coordination. By providing and managing the road-map and identifying barriers they bring about a positive transformation. Apart from this as a leader one can also provide the right resources and see what dedicated efforts should be put behind it to produce tangible results.

Cultivation of new organizational culture and individual behaviors:

Oftentimes a culture that does not support and hinders new business strategy or vision goes unnoticed for a very long time if there isn’t a leader in place. A leader ensures that a culture is created and promoted actively and thoughtfully which is desired and supports a progressive business strategy and vision.

Apart from this a leader actively and thoughtfully shifts the underlying mindsets as well as helps the team members to acquire new skills and develop themselves. And also focuses on molding them for the desired behaviors which will help to cultivate a new culture of growth and progression.

Give vision and support the transformation:

Leaders play an instrumental role in assessing and upgrading the competencies and skills which can make positive change run across the enterprise. in addition to this leaders are always looking forward to improvising the processes and systems by assessing and optimizing them constantly to discover new and more effective ways of working.

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