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How is A/C Duct Cleaning Done in a Step by Step Process?

You won’t find your A/C duct in the sitting area or anywhere inside the house. However, while it occupies the attic space of your home or even behind the walls in the backyard, homeowners tend to care less about the true value of A/C ducts.

Because you’ve asked the professionals to handle all the cleaning for you, a brief summary like the one below can also help you keep track of how it’s usually done.

Signs Your A/C Ducts Need Cleaning:

  • When a number of bugs, pests and other micro type vermin are seen crawling into ducts that are made into permanent homes for refuge. 
  • Visibility of mould growth on the ductwork interiors or the sections of the HVAC system.
  • Complete or partial blockage in the ducts due to waste matter collected overtime in the ducts.

If any of the above are identified, it is more than enough proof for your A/C ducts to undergo a flushing out of all the toxin piled up in there clogging the entire system all this time. A Professional A/C duct cleaning dubai team would help you provide an efficient service on the same.

How It’s Done:

  • Setting Up

Prior to cleaning, set up begins with the supply registers and grills tightly sealed with plastic protection so that debris passing through are restricted from entering into the living space.

  • Vacuuming

Afterwards, a vacuum hose is attached to collect all the gunk stored in the HVAC system.

  • Dirt Break Up

Once the vacuum is in motion, a duct-whip is allowed inside to split up the accumulated debris and pushed to the trunk lines by the air from the whip lines.

  • Duct Whip Cleaning Continues

A specially designed scrub brush is used for the scrubbing of  the main trunk lines, the dust and debris are pulled back to the vacuum.  According to technician experts, this is where the largest amount of unwanted debris gets collected. All of them need to go now!

  • Handwashing of Register Covers

Then the register covers are thoroughly hand washed using organic cleaning agents or mild soap and water.

  • Cleaning Up the Furnace

Duct cleaning isn’t complete until the furnace, A/C coil, and filters are all air washed. 

  • Done and Dusted

Access panels are installed over the openings and any holes made during the cleaning are also sealed up so no bugs can get in the future.