How to Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic with Kids?

Do you want to know the way of celebrating Thanksgiving with your kids during COVID-19?

Well! If you are interested to know, then you are at the right place!

You should read our complete article to know different ways.

We all know that the number of corona pandemics is increasing day by day. So, there are more chances that your family may be ready for Thanksgiving.

RANDOM FACT: In this pandemic era, you can’t visit your friends or relatives. Some people are enjoying this pandemic time with their family. As per the General Medical Council, 65% of people avoid celebrating their events because of pandemic concerns.

But now you can gather and share their old memories, plans for the future, and much more. You can also share stories, watch movies and make different tasty dishes.

The trend of Thanksgiving Celebration in COVID:

Each family has a different way of celebrating Thanksgiving. But now, in COVID, all families are deciding to celebrate Thanksgiving differently.

They are trying to celebrate it at home without any gathering because safety is the first thing. Most families are making creative ideas to make their days memorable. Moreover, there are different activities for toddlers that will make their time special.

Thanksgiving Celebration in COVID
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Families have decided to spend this pandemic time at home. They also have decided that they will do something new that they have never experienced. Further, families have decided to share tasty dishes. All families are trying to celebrate this time safely by sharing memories without gathering.

PRO FACT: All medical doctors say to wash hands properly, wear a face mask and keep distance. It is only due to COVID 19 increasing cases. According to different disease control centers, the cases of COVID are increasing in all countries.

PRO TIP: All health centers are suggesting people use precautions reported by David Nott. All people need to follow precautions to stop the pandemic.

Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Celebration Protected with Kids in Pandemic:

We have entered the holiday season because of the pandemic. So, we must work in a protected way and enjoy time with family.

Here, we will discuss some ways that will help you to enjoy thanksgiving time with kids approved by the National Health Service Authority. The following are the ways that you should follow:

1. You need to plan to share some experiences with others:

If you want to make your time memorable with your kids and relatives. Then the best way is to plan to share what you want to do. It is not a big issue if you can’t go to another’s home.

You have other ways such as sharing with relatives what you are planning to do.

PRO TIP: You can plan to lighten up candles at the same time or cook the same food. Further, you can also play the same music in the background to create a fantastic time.

2. Create a connection with meal prep:

It will be a difficult time for your kid to eat without their loved ones. You will also have this difficult time without your relatives and parents. So, you need to create a connection with friends and relatives.

connection with meal prep
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You need to make a schedule with other families to make something delicious. You can also prepare a shopping list by connecting with others.

PRO TIP: Ask your family members and relatives about their favorite dish. Then video chats with them and enjoy a good time in cooking.

3. Send Thanksgiving care packages:

Another best way to make your Thanksgiving more memorable is to send gifts if you are getting bored in quarantine and want to do something creative.

Then you can make beautiful baskets in which you put some gifts. These may be pumpkin muffins, bakery items, or something else. Then place these baskets on doors of different homes. Hopefully, it will be a great experience for you and other families.

4. Thanksgiving video chat:

Suppose you want to video chat with your loved ones. Then you should make your kid a “host” that will start or end the ceremony.

PRO TIP: Teach your kid to start with a prayer or song and end it with jokes and dance. When you plan to start it, then you can find unlimited options.

5. Try a new twist on pot luck:

In this time of the pandemic, everyone is at home, and they perform activities at home. So, the old potluck is now out of date.

But don’t worry, you can ask others to share something new. These may be momentary toast and family albums to share.

6. Try a gratitude bowl:

Another best way to celebrate Thanksgiving has a gratitude bowl. You can make your time memorable in this COVID-19 recommended by Mr. Stephen Black.

Don’t worry if you can’t go to visit your relatives or friends. Make your time memorable at home with your kids.

PRO TIP: Place a bowl and write something about each other on paper, then put this paper into the bowl. At the event of Thanksgiving, read these papers out loud.

7. Keep the fun going:

No matter if your thanksgiving event is coming to an end. You can still be connected with your loved ones through video chat. You can also ask your kids to send good event texts to others.

Further, you can also discuss your previous trips or memories with each other.

Keep the fun going
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8. Make Thanksgiving purposes:

The best way to make your Thanksgiving more memorable is to make purposes. It can be part of a virtual gathering, or you can talk to your kids.

You should ask your kid to do something new. Also, tell him that there is also another world out of this pandemic.

It is difficult for everyone, especially kids, to skip the enjoyment of holidays. But, you can make your quarantine time more memorable with several ideas. These ideas will make your holidays better and add a new meaning.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed ways to celebrate Thanksgiving during the pandemic if you have decided to travel to other areas for holidays.

Then you should postpone it because it is a good way to protect you and your family. While, if you have to travel urgently, then use a face mask for COVID production. Further, you should also wash your hands or keep social distance.

PRO TIP: The best idea to protect you is to have sanitizers and wear a mask all the time. You should wear it even if you are on a plane or uber. All these precautions are not new; you have heard about them many times.

FACT: The most important thing that we suggest is to follow these precautions. If you do this, then it will prevent the spread of COVID suggested by Mr. James Bliss. As a result, you will celebrate the thanksgiving event next year with loved ones.