How to Check Ink or Toner Level in HP Printers Installed with Various Devices?


One of the most important questions often people ask in different forums is how to check ink levels on their HP printer. Keeping track of ink levels is a crucial part of owning a printer because it allows you to maintain your machine with adequate supplies, particularly when processing larger printing tasks. Some people buy online ink cartridges in bulk to keep them in stock. However, it is still necessary to know the ink level for smooth and non-stop printing. 

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Depending on the model of your printer, you’ll need to use a different way to check the ink levels. You should be able to check the supply report from the device via ‘menu’ or ‘Control Panel’ (if it has this capability). If the machine doesn’t have a display, you can still make a report by pushing a combination of buttons. The instructions should be written in the printer manual.

Steps to Check Ink Level in Different HP Printers

Control Panel

Every HP printer has a certain symbol that is mentioned below, based on which a consumer can identify the ink level –

  • A drop of ink is used as a symbol.
  • A cartridge’s symbol.
  • Menu option.
  • The level of toner is determined by an indicator.

Simply, touch or push the symbols mentioned above to check the ink levels.

Windows (8, 7, 10)

  • HP Smart app: To install the program and set up your printer, go to HP Smart – Microsoft Store (in English). On the home screen, the ink or toner levels are displayed.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor: Install HP Print and Scan Doctor and run it. Select your printer, then go to the top menu bar and click Printer, then Supply Levels.
  • Software for printing: To access HP Printer Assistant, search Windows for your printer model name and number, then click the printer’s name. Select Estimated Ink Levels from the menu.
  • HP Laser Printers: Find and launch Easy Printer Manager in Windows, and then look for Supplies information.


  • Select Apple icon – click System Preferences – Printers and Scanners – Print & Fax or Print & Scan.
  • Choose your printer from the drop-down menu, then select Options & Supplies, then the Supplies tab.

Android, iOS

  • Make use of the HP Smart App to find out toner or ink levels on your Apple or Android iOS smartphone.
  • Install the HP Smart app on your mobile device by going to Add your printer to the home screen to see ink or toner levels.

HP Ink Tank or Smart Tank

  • You can examine the printer ink levels through the ink tank glass. Or,
  • Maintain ink levels between the maximum and lowest fill lines on the printer and watch it as the level goes down. 

Keep in mind that each printer is unique, and the instructions mentioned above are universal. Consult your printer’s documentation or store person for specific advice on checking ink or toner levels.