How to Design Your Silk Business Card for Print?

Isn’t it wonderful how easy our lives have become because of the internet? For example, just imagine how difficult it would have been to find a printing shop that provides you with silk laminated business cards printing services. Fortunately, with online printing services, you can choose the right company to not just print the business cards but also design them online and improve your business visibility. But still, if you are doing it for the first time, here are a few things that we recommend you follow to ensure the online print shop prints the card exactly as you wanted – especially the silk laminated business cards

Tips To Design Business Cards Perfectly

When ordering a silk business card from online printing services, you need to find a good online print shop, and either choose the design from the available options or you can custom design one then and there. Some of the good companies offer assistance and prompt you if your designed card needs any adjustments. Here are a few things you need to take care of: 

  • Use CMYK colors, not RBG or Pantone colors.
  • Select the right side of the card, each file must have an adequate bleed (3.652” X 2.125”), and make sure that there are no extra art or printer marks outside the artwork. 
  • You must make sure the text is inside the safety lines (within the template)
  • Double-check that the text is converted to outlines/ curves/ shapes.
  • Check the files have 300 dpi and CMYK resolution and colorspace. 
  • Review the silk laminated business card design doesn’t have any spot UV or foil mask files and they are solid black C0 M0 Y0 K100 anywhere there is UV/ foil.
  • Make sure there are no transparencies in the file. 
  • Maintain about 30% difference between the Cyan and Magenta and Blue to be not too close to purple. For example, if you use C100, M should be equal to less than 70 but not more than that. 

Wrapping Up 

Some additional tips that you should follow include being careful with the dark gradients, and also not to go overboard with the small test. Also, it is highly recommended to have an actual business card handy to compare the size of the text and the size of the card to ensure the best results.